September 2009

Artie Lange Pleads Guilty to DUI charge

by Admin on September 30, 2009

Artie Lange just pled guilty to one count driving under the influence of a habit-producing drug. Cops say Artie — who was pulled over in Tom’s River, NJ on July 10 — had a prescribed sleeping pill in his system when he got behind the wheel. Lange was fined $664, his driver’s license was revoked […]

The vacation week curse strikes Howard TV Executive Producer Doug Z. Goodstein. No, he’s not dead but he’s recovering after surgery today to repair a broken wrist suffered during a softball game against a team of dancers from Rick’s Cabaret. “We were supposed to play a simple softball game with the girls from Rick’s Cabaret […]

Fight Week on Howard 101 Stream

by Admin on September 29, 2009

Tune this week to hear some of the most uncomfortable yet fascinating moments from the Stern Show Archives. From the infamous altercation between Howard and John “the Incubus” Hayes during the WNBC era to the awesome “I’m not your bro” flare-up between Howard and Artie at Sirius a few years ago – the fireworks are […]

Howard Stern Trivia Contest

by Admin on September 28, 2009

Sal was in the studio with Sarah Haeussler who was on the show the other day for the World’s Strongest Naked Woman contest. They also had Britney Stevens in there. She’s a porn star. Howard played some audio of Britney doing her thing in a ”Face Fucking” movie. Sarah was grossed out by what she […]

Richard And Sal Cockeoke

by Admin on September 27, 2009

Elegant Elliot Offen videos

by Admin on September 26, 2009

Elegant Elliot Offen Threatens Gary Return

Howard Sterns House

by Admin on September 25, 2009

Robin Quivers new diet and weight loss program

by Admin on September 23, 2009

Robin noted that she’d recently met with a doctor who uses beads to help people lose weight – he tapes two small beads behind your ears and massages you with them in a manner that (supposedly) curbs his patients’ appetites. Howard demanded Robin prove her story: “Show me these beads.” Robin obliged, but Howard thought […]

Michael Moore visits The Howard Stern Show

by Admin on September 23, 2009

Michael Moore stopped by to promote his new film, Capitalism: A Love Story, and explained the security detail he brought with him by citing some peoples reaction to his infamous “we live in fictitious times” Oscar acceptance speech: “The next day our home was vandalized…people posted signs saying move to Canada on our trees.” Michael […]