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Howard Stern live show schedule to three days a week every other week

Howard Stern says starting May 2nd, the Howard Stern Show is reducing its live show schedule to three days a week every other week.

When Stern announced his new five year contract with Sirius XM, he warned fans that it would come with a pared back schedule. While the terms of Stern’s new contract are unknown, analysts analysts estimate world’s highest paid radio personality is taking in about $20 million a year less than he earned in his original 2006 contract with Sirius XM.

Thursday, he tried to pre-empt criticisms from fans about his reduced hours:

“I don’t want to hear any nonsense about it because the option was either leave or work a few less days and I thought it would be better to stay on the air. Okay? Look, I know, listen, everyone would rather have the show every day five days a week. I figured it was better if we showed up three days a week, sometimes four days a week or whatever, be here for you, touch base and do a good show.”

The Howard Stern Show will run Monday through Wednesday the week of May 2nd and then back to Monday through Thursday on the week of May 9th.

Beth Ostrosky Stern to host Gossip Cop tv show

As TV Guide Network continues its transition to a full-fledged programming channel, the cabler announced a half-dozen new series and minis currently in development.

Included in the mix is “Gossip Cop,” based on the popular website, which investigates a handful of the most intriguing celebrity stories of the week. Exec produced by Michael Hirschorn, Dan Abrams and site creator Michael Lewittes, show will try to uncover the truth — if any exists — on popular celebrity news items.

“And I’m so excited to have Beth Ostrosky Stern as our host. In addition to being great on TV, Beth knows first-hand what it feels like to be the subject of inaccurate rumors, which brings a personal passion to the show that will really connect with viewers.” -Michael Lewittes

Robin Quivers Peru Trip

Robin Quivers spent last week’s Howard Stern Show vacation on an Ayahuasca psychedelic drug trip in Peru and Howard TV has posted exclusive footage of her journey.

“I can’t tell you how many people I’ve shown this to and already they’re like: ‘What’s going on with Robin?'” Stern told Quivers on air Tuesday. “Like really worried about you and think you’re seriously ill… People said to me I should do something for Artie. What should I do for you?”

Charred Walls of the Damned update

Richard Christy of The Howard Stern Show, Iced Earth, and Death has issued a new update on his band Charred Walls of the Damned.

The group entered Criteria Recording Studios in Miami late last year with producer Mark Lewis and have been working on the disc ever since, as time between wedding planning and the show permits.

The band’s sophomore album will be in stores “hopefully” in September.

“There’s some exciting news concerning Charred Walls of the Damned — we’re finishing up bass and vocals in the next two weeks for our second album and we will be mixing the album in May,” Christy says.

“The album is going to be amazing and I can’t even contain my excitement about it! I’m so pumped for everyone to hear it; it will definitely exceed everyone’s expectations!!”