Monthly Archives: October 2011

Howard Stern’s 2nd Biggest Whore Contest

Do you know any ho’s or sluts that aren’t afraid to admit their promiscuous ways? If so, then you might want to check out Howard Stern’s I’m The Biggest Whore Contest. The girl who is voted the biggest whore will not only hold the title of The Biggest Whore but she’ll also win the grand prize of $10,000 cash!

As far as controversy goes, this is downright shameless in relation to past contests on the show. However, you would expect anything less from the King of All Media.

Ronnie hosts Rick’s 6th Anniversary party

Rick’s Cabaret in New York City, the favorite gentlemen’s club of the Howard Stern Show, recently celebrated it’s 6th Anniversary.

So what would a party be without some of the Stern Show crew present and hosting? It was “Ronnie the Limo Driver”, a regular at Rick’s, and “Sal the Stockbroker” that were the special guest co-hosts for the week-long party featuring over 100 beautiful topless dancers.