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Captain Janks pranks CNN again…

CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield got a bit of an unwelcome surprise this evening as an interview with who she thought was Gregory Porter, an American student recently arrested and released in Cairo, went awry.

Porter described the fear of being arrested in a crowd in Tahrir Square, the happiness of hearing his mother’s voice after his first phone call… and then thanked “the North Shore Animal League and Baba Booey’s monkey nuts.”


Beth Stern, as she’s known to Howard Stern Show fans, recently found an injured seagull on a beach near her home in the Hamptons. On Saturday, Beth posted a video of herself releasing the rehabilitated seagull back into the wild after it received some very special TLC from her friends at the Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons.

Beth found the gull while walking on the beach near the Stern’s Hamptons home. The bird’s bill had become caught in fishing wire, badly injuring him and preventing him from eating.

$20 Million to do Americas Got Talent

HOWARD Stern is said to be in “advanced talks” with NBC about becoming a judge on America’s Got Talent — but he has some big demands.

According to New York Post gossip column Page Six, the shock jock wants $20 million and the show to move to New York.

Got Talent boss Simon Cowell is said to be keen to get Stern to take Piers Morgan’s seat on the show — but moving the show from its home at Los Angeles’ CBS Television City is the deal-maker.

“Cowell really wants Stern on the judging panel, a source said.

“The talk on the production is that it’s practically a done deal. But Stern is asking for a huge fee, and he can’t travel because of his radio show. He wants the show to move to New York.

“Moving it to New York would mean over 100 people losing their jobs if they don’t move with the show. And inconvenience for Howie and Sharon, who wants to spend more time with her husband, Ozzy. Another idea would be for the show to stay in LA and Howard to be a part-time judge.”

Artie Lange on JKL

Part 2:

Part 3:

Former Howard Stern sidekick and Hoboken comedian Artie Lange appeared last night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to promote his new sports radio show with fellow comedian Nick DiPaolo.

The two spoke about their so-called ignorance of sports and Lange’s recovery from drug addiction, which he spoke about in October on David Letterman.

“You look great,” said Kimmel.

“Do I really?” shot back Lange. “Because I’m looking at the monitor and I think you’re bullshitting.”

Lange spoke about how rehabilitation centers attempt to use board games to take addicts’ minds off drugs.

“They’re say to a crack head, ‘Hey, we know you’re a crack head, but do you wanna play Monopoly?’ And the crack head goes, ‘No, I don’t want to play Monopoly, I want to smoke crack.'” he joked.