April 2012

Comedian Artie Lange has yet to do an in depth interview on his January 2010 suicide attempt but hopes to do so on the Howard Stern Show in November, when his book Crash and Burn is released. “I think I’m at the place where I can do it. It would be a heavy thing,” says […]

An application that makes its goal to tell you how ugly you are is riding high in Apple’s App Store. Ugly Meter, which has been around for quite some time, has suddenly found itself threatening Angry Birds Space for the top spot in Apple’s App Store. For a period of three weeks recently, the application […]

Artie sounds well

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Porn Star Pageant

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Howard Stern Files an Appeal

by admin on April 26, 2012

Radio host Howard Stern, against the odds, has appealed a lawsuit against employer Sirius XM, which was previously dismissed and ruled “with prejudice,” by New York State Supreme Court Judge Barbara Kapnick, meaning neither Stern nor his manager, Don Buchwald, could refile a suit with similar claims. In her ruling earlier this month, Kapnick noted […]

Howard Stern prank caller on KTLA

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CNN segment on Howard Stern

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Stern’s Time.com article on Matt Lauer

by admin on April 22, 2012

By: Howard Stern We all wondered, Was it over? It’s over, it’s over, he’s losing his hair! It’s got to be over! But we were wrong! The strength was still there, perhaps stronger still, crashing pillars to earth with innate strength and charm and class — Matt Lauer, 54, the anti-Samson, going up against pretty […]

Britney Spears will own the highest paycheck of any reality celebrity judge on television. The singer agreed to a $15 million dollar contract to perform and the “X-Factor.” However, Spears isn’t the only one the networks offer big bucks. Howard Stern will make nearly $15 million while on “America’s Got Talent” this summer and “The […]

George Takei on working with Stern

by admin on April 21, 2012

Looking back on your entertainment career, who has provided the more outrageous working experience: William Shatner or Howard Stern? Howard can be both outrageous and munificent. Going on speaking tours to colleges, on equality for the LGBT(lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community is good and necessary, but it’s more or less speaking to the choir. […]