October 2012

Howard Stern on Jimmy Kimmel Live

by admin on October 31, 2012

“I was born in Bay Ridge. I grew up in Mill Basin. Tonight, I have returned to save my people from the storm,” Kimmel kicked off his monologue. “Thank you for ignoring the local authorities to be here tonight for our first show…Mayor Bloomberg will be here shortly to have you arrested.” There were no […]

Hulk Hogan settles lawsuit against BTLS

by admin on October 29, 2012

After settling the sex tape lawsuit with Hulk Hogan, Bubba Clem offers a formal apology: “After further investigation, I am now convinced that Hulk Hogan was unaware of the presence of the recording device in my bedroom. I am convinced that he had no knowledge that he was being taped. Additionally, I am certain that […]

Jay Thomas calls Romney/Ryan White Idiots

by admin on October 28, 2012

Howard 101 host Jay Thomas on Current TV: He’s a gosh-darn guy. He doesn’t drink. The other guy’s a big Catholic. I mean, I can’t believe we’re talking the 21st century and these two white idiots are running for something. I just think it looks like 1955. These are the most un-modern people I’ve ever […]

Sons of Anarchy star Katey Sagal

by admin on October 28, 2012

Sons of Anarchy star Katey Sagal enters Studio 69 for a exciting interview. Howard Stern was taken with Sagal and her stories from Married with Children, growing up in Hollywood, her sex life and much more.

CNN: Mel Karmazin out is Howard Stern next?

by admin on October 24, 2012

Sirius XM is looking for a new CEO. Will they have to soon start searching for a new King of All Media shock jock as well? The departure of Mel Karmazin from Sirius is a bit of a surprise, but not a huge shock. By all accounts, Karmazin was not meshing well with Liberty Media […]

They Call Me Baba Booey on Nerdist: Episode 8

by admin on October 23, 2012

Episode 8 of They Call Me Baba Booey: “NYC rock station WRXP forced off the air.” Samsung Galaxy S III Is Rock n Roll Dead?

Ronnie hosts Rick’s Cabaret 7th Anniversary

by admin on October 22, 2012

Formerly known as Scores, now famous for its beautiful showgirls and gourmet steakhousey, Rick’s Cabaret had a number of events commemorating its 7th anniversary in New York. Howard Stern Show’s Sal Governale and Ronnie Mund were special guest hosts at one of the parties. “I love all the Rick’s clubs, and Rick’s Cabaret New York […]

Hulk Hogan rejects Howard Stern’s invitation

by admin on October 21, 2012

Hulk Hogan doesn’t want or need Howard Stern to act as peacemaker in his ongoing sex-tape litigation with former best friend Bubba the Love Sponge Clem. Hogans lawyer declined an invitation from Stern to have the wrestling star and Bubba together on his popular SiriusXM radio show so Stern could talk Hogan into dropping his […]

Heather Clem caught on tape with multiple men?

by admin on October 19, 2012

Hulk Hogan isn’t the only guy who was caught on tape with Bubba the Love Sponge’s former wife … TMZ has learned there are multiple tapes … with multiple men … in the same exact bed. TMZ has seen three additional sex tapes featuring Heather Clem with other men — shot while she was married […]

Howard Stern wants the lawsuit against Bubba the Love Sponge dropped, saying that Hulk Hogan knew a sex tape was being made with Heather Clem. “I’m getting you out of this lawsuit,” Stern told Bubba Clem on his SiriusXM show Wednesday. “I will get Hogan and Bubba together. I think what Bubba is saying is […]