Joslyn James on The Howard Stern Show

Howard said that their special guest, Joslyn James, was there. He said she’s a former porn star and he saw that Tiger Woods is holding a press conference. Joslyn is supposed to have one after him. Howard said that she wasn’t in their pageant for some reason though.

Howard had Gary bring her in after that. Howard asked if they ever had her on the show before. She said that she met Howard out in Las Vegas at Scores one time but that was it.

Howard asked Joslyn why she wasn’t in the pageant. She said she had a family situation so she wasn’t able to do it. Howard said he thinks that she could have won.

Howard asked Joslyn if she thinks that some of the mistresses got money to stay quiet. He said he thinks that Rachel Uchitel may have been paid off. Joslyn said she doesn’t have any inside information but she’s read a lot of lies about herself so it’s hard to tell what’s real and not real. She said there may have been some kind of pay off but she’s not sure how much it was.

Howard said that Joslyn came out with all of her text messages and he’s wondering why she did that. Joslyn said that they had a lot of lies about her out there. She said that there was stuff hitting her face and she lost her shit. She said that someone put out golf balls with her face on it and she was a victim of spousal abuse so she lost her shit.

Howard asked Joslyn getting into porn and if she thinks she did that because her boyfriend was beating her. Joslyn said that wasn’t it. She said she and her boyfriend got into porn because they were getting paid to do that together when they were doing it for free at home. Howard said Joslyn looks really good and she doesn’t look like most porn stars.

Howard said the text messages that Tiger was sending to her were pretty intense. There was a lot of anal talk and stuff. Howard asked how long they dated. She said it was about 3 years. Howard said that’s a pretty long time.

Howard and Robin asked where they would go out and see each other and they were seeing each other all over the country. Howard said that some of the girls they had in there were talking about Tiger flying them around in coach and Tiger wouldn’t give them any money. Joslyn said she flew coach and she didn’t mind it. She said it’s not about money for her. She said she can fit in coach just fine.

Howard said it’s kind of weird when you date a millionaire and they don’t buy you gifts and stuff. He said that it must be a little strange. Joslyn said it is kind of odd. She said that she can see that people would be into him for the money but that’s not what it was about for her.

Howard asked Joslyn if she thinks there are other girls that haven’t come out. Joslyn said she thinks that there probably are. Howard asked if she’s heard from him since all of this came out. She said that she hasn’t heard anything since Thanksgiving.

Howard and Robin asked if she ever got anyone else’s text messages. She said that she has read some of the other ones that the girls got and he must have been sending out the same stuff to all of them. She said it might have been mass emailing’s.

Howard read some of Joslyn’s text messages and said that they were pretty intense. Howard read some where Tiger talked about getting rough with her and how he wanted to fuck her in different positions and stuff. Howard asked if Joslyn would get back with him if he came to her. Joslyn said she wouldn’t do that.

Howard asked Joslyn if she used rubbers with this guy. She said she didn’t and she feels like such an idiot. She said that she got tested after it all broke to make sure she didn’t have anything. She said she was terrified about the whole thing.

Joslyn said he didn’t talk about birth control at all with her. Howard asked if he pulled out. She said that he came everywhere and it was inside and out. Howard asked if he was worried about getting her pregnant. She said that he must not have cared about anything or anyone. She said you’d think that he’d care. Howard asked if she ever worried that she was going to get pregnant. She said she got pregnant twice with him and she lost one to a miscarriage. She said that she was going to tell Tiger about that one but she lost it before she had a chance. She also had an abortion with the second one.

Joslyn told Howard about how she didn’t want to deal with him and a kid so she had the abortion. Howard said that if he was a woman he’d figure out a way to have that baby to get money out of him.

Howard said he was on Joslyn’s web site last night but there were no dirty pictures of her up there. Joslyn said that they don’t have anything like that up there yet. She said she just had her boobs done so she’s working on new stuff. Howard said that she looks really good with the new boobs. Howard said you can find out more about her at

Howard said that Joslyn is going to be holding a press conference father Tiger holds one. She said she’s unaware of what he’s going to say but she wants to be able to have her say. Howard asked if his penis is as big as they say it is. He said that there are conflicting reports. Joslyn said that it’s not even about the size, it’s about the way he works it. Joslyn said that he works it really good.

Howard asked if Tiger ever went down on her. Joslyn said that she doesn’t like that and she didn’t let him do that. Joslyn said that she had one guy who was really good at it and that worked for her but most guys are really bad at it so she doesn’t like to get it done. She said she had one guy who was amazing with that.

Joslyn said that she likes it when a guy rubs the tip of his dick on her clit. She said she likes it when a guy had definition on his penis. She said that there has to be some definition between the shaft and the head. Howard said he has that. He said it might not be that big but he does have definition.

Howard asked if size matters to her. Joslyn said that it doesn’t really matter. She’s had all types and some guys know how to use their stuff.

Howard asked Joslyn about Tiger liking anal with her. She said that she enjoyed that a lot. She said that he would go in bareback even doing that.

Howard asked Joslyn how she met Tiger. Joslyn said that she was working at a night club in Las Vegas as a go go dancer. Howard asked what she wore there. She said it was lingerie and go go boots and stuff like that. Howard asked how Tiger met her. She said that she was dancing in this section and some co-workers said that he wanted to meet her. She wasn’t in the mood at the time but the girls told her to just go over. She said she wasn’t going to be nice so she went over. She said that there are a lot of guys who think they can do whatever they want to and she’s not that type of person. Joslyn said that she would give three warnings to guys who were like that.

Joslyn said that Tiger was nice to her and he was joking around and making her laugh so that was what she liked. Howard asked if she had ever been with anyone else famous. She said she has but didn’t mention any names.

Howard asked if she went home with him that night. Joslyn said that she went to meet him at the MGM hotel. Howard said that’s where all of these girls were talking about hanging out with him.

Joslyn said that Tiger has the gift of gab and he can make you feel important. Howard asked if he blew his load in a second with her or did he last. She said that sometimes he would finish fast but there were other times he didn’t.

Howard said that she must have rocked his world. Howard asked if they did anal the first night. She said they did. She said they did it a couple of times that night. Howard said she sounds like a party. He said he can’t believe her husband used to hit her. Howard asked if she’s tough to get along with. She said she might have her personality issues. Robin asked what that has to do with guys hitting.

Howard asked Joslyn what she’s going to do now. She’s going out on a dance tour and she’ll see what happens. Howard said she must know how to give a lap dance. Joslyn said she does. She said that she left the ad people with a wet stain.

Howard asked Joslyn what her game plan is. He said he knows that she’s going to go out dancing but is she going to get back into porn. Joslyn said she wants to do something that’s for her own healing and she could end up back in porn but the dancing is where she’s happiest.

Howard read that her step-mother is saying that she’s lying about some stuff like the pregnancy stuff. Joslyn said that her step-mother never really loved her and they would ask her for money when she was doing that but now they’re treating her like this. She said that she has people who really love her out there and that family is great to her. She said that they love her for who she is. She’s known these people since she was 7 and she’s very lucky to have them in her life. Howard asked if she calls that family mom and dad. She said she does.

Robin said she finds it hard to believe that she didn’t know that Tiger was cheating with other women until the accident. She said that she had her suspicions but she really didn’t know.

Howard said that Joslyn’s birth family has abandoned her and her ex-husband allegedly beat her. She’s had a really tough life. Joslyn said she has good people around her though so she’s very happy.

Howard asked how long it’s been since she had sex. She said it’s been 4 months. Howard asked if it was Tiger. She said it was Tiger. Joslyn said that she just masturbates now. Howard asked if she thinks about Tiger when she does that. Joslyn said she doesn’t. She said that thinking about how dirty he could have been is what scares her. Howard said that it’s good that she didn’t have any STDs.

Howard asked Joslyn why she has Gloria Allred representing her. She said that she has a lot of deals and things coming in so Gloria is helping her out with that stuff. Howard told her she should make out with Gloria in the press conference.

Howard asked if Tiger ever hit her. Joslyn said it was only in a sexual way. Howard talked about how weird the whole situation is and how Tiger never mentions any of the girl’s names.

Howard told Joslyn that they were listening to one of her movie clips earlier. They talked about the scene they watched and Joslyn told them what position she was in for that scene. She was in a one legged pose that she’s apparently known for. Howard played some audio of that scene. Joslyn said she doesn’t like listening to herself.

Howard asked if she’s ever been nominated for a porn award. She said that she hasn’t. Joslyn said that it might be who you blow that leads to getting awards.

Howard told Joslyn that she’s hot. He gave her some plugs for her web site and said there’s more to come to her site soon.

Howard took a call from a guy who said that he thought these women were getting money from Tiger. He said that maybe some women got money from him because they could prove they got an abortion or something. Howard said that Joslyn had one and she didn’t get any money.

Howard found out that Joslyn sometimes goes by her real name which is Veronica. She said that when you ask about her family she responds as Veronica and not as Joslyn. When she’s talking about anal she’s Joslyn.

Howard took a call from a guy who asked if she’s into ass to mouth (ATM) or dirty Sanchez. Joslyn said she has done ass to mouth. She said that’s when a guy has his dick in your ass and then it goes into your mouth. The caller asked if she tasted anything. She said she didn’t because she had given herself an enema. Howard said she sounds like fun.

Howard said that he wouldn’t be able to last that long to put it in her ass and then to her mouth. Joslyn said that the guy waits right until the end when he’s about to pop. The caller asked if she gags. She said she doesn’t. Gary asked if Tiger has kissed her after ass to mouth. She said that he did. Howard said that’s like ATMTM.

Howard said some guy would be lucky to get this chick. He asked if she ever got a dirty Sanchez. She said her ass was always clean so there was nothing to put on her face.

Howard took a call from a woman who said that there’s a ministry who helped Houston the porn star get her life back together so maybe Joslyn should try that. Howard said he doesn’t want her getting help like that.

Captain Janks asked if Joslyn has ever had a snowball. Joslyn said she had never had that either. Howard asked if she was ever asked to do it with Tiger and another guys. She said that never happened.

Howard took another call from a guy who asked if Joslyn ever asked to piss or shit on her. She said that he did ask to pee on her but there was a stage fright problem so he wasn’t able to do it. Joslyn said that she prefers to do that kind of thing in the shower so that’s where it would have happened. She said that he wasn’t able to do it though.

Gary asked if Tiger ever asked her to do anything to his butt. She said that he did like butt play. She said that he was very tidy back there though. Howard said there had to be an odor back there. She said he was very tidy and there was no smell. She said that she was amazed that there was no smell. She wondered how he did that.

Howard said that this chick is amazing. He said she’s an angel for doing all of this stuff for Tiger. Howard said he gets a smell down there after half a day of just sitting around. He said that his balls will start to smell after half a day and even he can smell it.

Howard said he thinks that Joslyn should have been there for the pageant they had. He said that Joslyn could have won that thing. Joslyn said she had things to do with the family that day and she wasn’t able to get out of it.

Howard took another call from Jeff the Drunk who asked her to suck his cock so she’d cum. She had mentioned earlier that she could cum from sucking Tiger’s cock.

Another caller asked if Tiger had any rituals that he would do regularly. Joslyn said that he did have some ways of doing things. She said that he’s very anal. He would clean her up in a way to make sure that she was clean too when they’d shower together.

The caller was telling Joslyn that she should ride the Sybian. She said she loves the Sybian but she was going to be good and not ride it.

Howard asked Joslyn if his name ever came up during sex. Robin asked why that would happen. Howard said that maybe he mentioned her when he was dirty talking to her.

Howard asked what her favorite position was. She was telling Howard about this one position they did and Howard didn’t even get what she was saying. Howard asked her for the details of what that would look like. She said that she’d be on her back on her shoulders and he would squat down on her and do her anally with his fingers in her to make her squirt. She said she’s pretty sure she taught him a lot doing different positions like that.

Howard took another call from a guy who asked if her video sales have gone up since all of this came out. Joslyn said they have but she doesn’t get more money from that.

Another caller said that this chick should be a sex-ed teacher with all of this information. Joslyn said that she could teach some women what to do. She said that there are a lot of things to learn. The caller said she should pick up some of Tiger’s sponsors for this stuff. Howard said that Robin claims that she didn’t need lube for her anal with that one guy in San Francisco. Joslyn said that she loves lube even if she doesn’t need it. She just likes to slide around in the lube.

Howard took another call from a guy who said there was some talk of Tiger taking Ambien and things like that. He asked if she ever saw that. Joslyn didn’t see anything like that.

Howard and Joslyn talked about Tiger and his wife still being together. Joslyn said that you can’t build a relationship built on lies so she’s not sure what will happen there.

Howard took a call from Angry Black who said that Joslyn isn’t a victim since she was in a relationship with a married man. He also asked if she’s still $10,000 in the rears on child support. She said that she is no longer behind and she’s all caught up. She said that she doesn’t want to talk about that stuff though. Angry said that she’s a public figure so he wants to hear the story. Joslyn said that the child has nothing to do with this so she’s not going to talk about that.

Howard said that Joslyn was kind of conservatively dressed today. She said that she was kind of. She talked about why she got her breast implants and how she used to be an A-cup until she got pregnant. She said that she has stretch marks from the pregnancy. She said she got the implants really big and that’s not where the stretch marks came from. Howard asked about them and she said that she gained 60 pounds when she was pregnant so that’s where they came from.

Howard gave Joslyn some plugs for her upcoming dancing appearances and her web site. She said that she’ll be out dancing for guys and she could give some aggressive dances. She said that guys are supposed to blow a load at those places so she will have her knee in their crotches and stuff. Howard asked if she can cum from kneeing a guy. She said she can get off just knowing that she got a guy off.

Howard said they had a lot of calls from guys asking her to get on the Sybian. She still wasn’t up for it though.

Howard read that Joslyn was a teacher for a while. She told Howard about that and that led to Howard talking about how he had cute teachers that he would have a crush on but this would be out of hand if she was his teacher.

Howard and Robin asked how Joslyn thinks Tiger is going to do playing golf. She said she doesn’t know but it should be interesting to see.

Howard asked Joslyn about Tiger getting mad at her for showing up to some event that he was at. She said that he had to go out to train and he was supposed to come back. She said that they were going to have some meeting in the room and he asked her to leave. He ended up showing up but he didn’t let her know about it and he thinks that he was going to have another woman up there. Joslyn said there was another girl coming up on the same floor she was leaving on.

Howard asked if Joslyn wears panties. She said she had a g-string on. Howard gave her some more plugs, wrapped up with her and went to break.

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