Michael Savage guarantees Obama terror attack

Michael Savage is petitioning President Trump to pressure the British government into dropping its travel ban against him, which was imposed eight years ago this Friday.


  1. I believe this false flag attack Savage speaks of will be the coming swine flu pandemic. The health care reform bill will gain new vigor when session resumes amid this “crisis” and when mass, possibly mandatory vaccinations are commonplace. They are practicing marshal law at schools in mock “inoculation scenarios”. Refuse the shot? Get dragged off. Orders for 500,000 riot gear suits, FEMA camps and stockpiles of plastic coffins. They are paying for advertising for positions as internment specialists. THIS IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW, AS I TYPE THIS! I believe all of this, and much more, yet I pacify myself with pirated Howard Stern Shows, and this is how I stumbled upon this video, and decided to post this long, 100% original comment. Everyone have a nice day, and be sure to drink some fluorinated water, I know I will. (NOT)

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