Monthly Archives: September 2009

JD fires Ronnie the limo driver


JD said he listened to like 5 minutes of Ronnie’s show and got bored so he stopped. He said that Scott the Engineer wasn’t able to listen to it either. JD said they tried to listen to a story about Ronnie selling a lease on his truck and it was impossible to follow. Howard then offered JD to cancel the show. JD left without deciding but later came in the studio again.

Howard told JD it’s up to him. He asked JD if he wanted to give him a shot doing his show once in a while or should they take it away permanently. JD told Howard to just cancel it. He said if there’s an outcry for the show then they can bring it back. Howard said there won’t be any outcry.

Howard said he told JD he had the power. Howard asked him if he wanted to cancel it or not. Ronnie came in and JD told Ronnie that his show was canceled. Howard said that JD just canceled Ronnie’s show. JD was laughing during the whole thing. Ronnie said that it meant a lot to him to have that show.

JD told Howard to go ahead and cancel it. Howard said it’s done then. Howard told Ronnie that the show is canceled. Ronnie said ”Whatever… ” Howard asked Ronnie if he had anything to say to JD. Ronnie said that he gave him the power to do it so that’s fine. He said he goes by what Howard says and Howard gave JD the power so he’s just going to walk away. He said he’ll never speak to JD again though.

Artie Lange on Joe Buck Live again tomorrow night


Howard had Steve Langford come in with his news preview. Steve said that Joe Buck is now saying that he didn’t think what Artie did on his show was that bad and he wouldn’t take any of it back. Joe’s show returns live tomorrow night. Artie said that he might want to watch the show tomorrow night. He said he’s not saying that he’s having him back on but if you’re a fan of the show, you might want to tune in.

Show plugs and Miserable Men show cancelled

Howard said that everyone is pissing on this show. He said that when he was up in Hartford sucking dick to do his shows he didn’t envision this. Howard said the raping of the show is over. Howard said that he’s going to have one plug at the end of the show.

Howard said he’s getting fucked by a man who eats blue cheese out of women’s asses. Howard said that the show still means something to him and he’s going to stop this stuff. Howard said that he has to put a stop to this. He said he was sitting in his car listening to the plugs the other day and they just go on and on. Howard said that Bob is out of control. He said it’s like giving a guy 5 bucks and he asks for 500,000.

Howard asked Gary how Bob ended up getting all of those plugs. Gary said he thinks that Bob worked out some deal with Tim Sabean. Howard said if that’s the case then he’s going to cancel Miserable Men. Gary said that it’s going to be all about him if he has to deal with one of Bob’s meltdown. Gary said that Bob will hammer everyone there except for Howard.

Listen to it at the 6:50am minute  mark.

Howard Stern’s wife Beth on ‘She’s Got the Look’

Mrs. Howard Stern, has joined the judges panel for the Season 3 of the TV Land original reality competition She’s Got the Look. Ostrosky will be in Los Angeles taping the series over the next month, leaving Howard Stern to lament her absence daily on his satellite radio broadcast of The Howard Stern Show.

She’s Got the Look is America’s Next Top Model for women over 35. Hosted by Kim Alexis, She’s Got the Look offers the winner a modeling contract with Wilhelmena International, Inc and a spread in Self magazine. Judges for previous seasons have included model Beverly Johnson, stylist Robert Verdi, and Wilhelmena President Sean Patterson. Beth Ostrosky Stern joined She’s Got the Look as a guest judge during season two.

No more XM in SIRIUS XM

Howard was going to take a call and he was saying that he’s no longer going to say SIRIUS XM. He said he was listening to an XM radio the other day and they were just saying XM radio. Howard said if they don’t have to say SIRIUS XM then he’s not going to say XM. Howard asked where the quality control is around there. Howard said they merged so they should be using the same name everywhere.

Howard asked if anyone there is listening to the radio there. Howard said he wanted to call someone but he figured no one would listen to him. Howard said he was fuming mad.

Howard said they need a new name for the company. He said maybe they should just call it SIRIUS and leave out XM completely. Howard said that he was driving around hearing XM radio and he wasn’t able to enjoy his triumph of taking the company over.

Hunter in Afghanistan


Howard got Ralph’s friend Hunter, a successful guy known for banging Playmates and celebrities, on the line and noted that he gave up his glamorous lifestyle to become a military man at the age of 36. Hunter said he’d become wealthy thanks to Hef’s help (“I made a licensing deal with Playboy and did really well.”) but always felt the desire to fight for his country – especially terrorists.

Hunter said he’d performed really well while in the Middle East – earning both a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star – but had to be medivac’d back to the US in October: “We were in a big fight and some RPGs came my way…two, back-to-back.” He’s since had 7 surgeries, as he caught shrapnel, blew out his shoulder and fractured his arm – but, contrary to some rumors making the rounds, his penis was “good to go.” Hunter added that he was glad he was able to take out a couple enemies before being pulled from combat: “There were guys I was pretty close to that I got.”