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Artie Lange Penthouse article author responds to comments

After recent comments made by Howard Stern Show producer Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate that author Jessica Pilot’s report on Lange’s mental condition was based on outdated information from January, the Howard Stern Examiner contacted Pilot for comment.

“My intention was to write a piece about Lange, a talented and goodhearted man who, during the course of our time together, I came to care for immensely. I don’t want to get in a he said/she said dialogue as I’m not a gossip columnist and I am not looking for sensationalism. I do however want you to have the right facts!”

UPDATE: Artie Lange is out of bed and feeling much better

Artie Lange is, apparently, not hiding under the covers in a catatonic state as a recent Penthouse article would lead Howard Stern Show fans to believe.

He’s so well, in fact, he recently spent an hour on the phone with Howard Stern Show producer Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate.

Artie Lange fans desperately hoping for some news about the Howard Stern Show sidekick’s condition were stunned by an article released in Penthouse Magazine last month that reported that Lange was “still in bed and not speaking more than five words a day”.

Howard Stern Show producer Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate said that the comment was made by Artie Lange’s sister Stacy shortly after the comedian’s suicide attempt all the way back in January. Oh, and on top of that? It was off the record.

“Stacy is very upset about that,” Dell’Abate said of the Penthouse quote. “Artie’s pretty bummed out about it too. Stacy made a comment to somebody back in January who she thought was a friend who turned out to be a reporter, and then they printed it five months later and Stacy was livid with the fact that she never made that statement to the press. She thought she was talking to a friend and Artie was in a different place in January than he was by the time that thing came out. So, I think Artie’s family’s upset by it, but Stacy did not go out and talk to the press…and he’s not in the condition that it said in that quote.”