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They Call Me Baba Booey paperback has new Artie chapter

Howard Stern Show producer Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate has released a paperback version of his autiobiography featuring a new chapter about his trip to Afghanistan with Artie Lange.

The additional chapter in Dell’Abate’s bestselling memoir ‘They Call Me Baba Booey,’ details his 2009 trip to entertain the troops along with Dave Attell, Nick DiPaolo, Jim Florentine and Lange, who was co-host of the Howard Stern Show at the time.

While the new chapter features some discussion of Dell’Abate’s pre-trip anxieties and how cool it felt to shoot a machine gun, what Howard Stern Show fans will likely be drawn to most are the details of Artie Lange’s airport breakdown and how it changed his relationship with Dell’Abate forever.

After the gang of comics missed their flight home after four days roughing it downwind from a literal pond of feces, and learned they would have to wait more than 24 hours for their next flight, Lange went ballistic. Dell’Abate recounts how Lange, who was struggling with heroin addiction, had somehow scored and ingested a handful of Valium at the airport, and then set off on a “mean addict” rant, accusing Dell’Abate of exploiting him by taking video of the trip.

“You piece-of-s**t c**ksucker!” he screamed. “You know what you are doing! I know what you are about! I don’t trust you! I should kick the s**t out of you right now!” (‘They Call Me Baba Booey, paperback, p. 289)

Lange and Dell’Abate spoke about the fight to some extent on the Howard Stern Show when they returned from the USO tour in 2009, but Booey never spoke on air about the way Lange’s behavior made him feel the way that he does in this new chapter.

“I looked at him a different way after that,” says Dell’Abate. “It was a turning point for me in how I thought he felt about me.”

Video of Artie vs Gary and some truth about the USO Trip:

Brian Johnson AC/DC (Howard Stern Interview)

Howard came right back after break and had Brian Johnson come in. Howard said that they were just talking about him earlier and talking about how he got AC/DC to be even more popular than when Bon Scott was in the band. Howard asked if he’s in his 60s now. Brian said he’s 63 now.

Howard gave Brian a plug for his book ”Rockers and Rollers: A Full-Throttle Memoir” and talked to him about how he had trouble remembering a lot of things. Howard said he has the same problem. He said that cars spur Brian’s memory. He said he remembers girls based on the cars he was driving at the time.

Brian said that he would hear stories from his friends and he wouldn’t remember anything about it until they mentioned the car he was driving at the time.

Howard said Brian was in the band The Geordies when Bon Scott was in AC/DC. Brian was still living at home in his 30s and he ended up opening up his own auto shop where they customized cars. He said they were putting vinyl roofs and racing stripes on cars. He said he did that because he was so desperate for money.

Howard asked Brian if he was a disappointment to his parents. Brian said that his parents did tell him that his singing stuff wasn’t going to work. Howard said his dad must have been humiliated. Brian said it wasn’t that bad. He said he did start wearing a hat to hide who he really was. He said that the Geordies had some top 10 hits but they got ripped off by the record companies so they weren’t making money.

Brian said that he went out working on broken windshields and stuff like that and hid himself with the hat. He said that he had to do what he had to do to feed the kids. Howard asked if people still recognized him from being in the Geordies. Brian said they did. The hat didn’t work that good.

Howard asked who it was that suggested him for the band. Brian said it was a fan from Cleveland who called Mutt Lange. He said that he and Bon got along too. He said that Bon let him play in the band and he was all for him getting into the band. Brian said he talks about that in the book. He said he got a call from a woman who had a German accent. He said she was asking him to come in for an audition but she wouldn’t tell him who the band was. She eventually told him it was AC/DC and she said she had said too much when she did that.

Howard asked if he knows who the fan is that suggested him. Brian said he doesn’t know who it was. It worked out for him though. Brian said that he thought he was too old to be a rock star in AC/DC but he went and did the audition anyway. He said that the boys had a cult following and they were loved by everyone. Howard said they didn’t really blow up until ”Back in Black” though.

Brian said he was asked to sing on a commercial jingle and he was told it would be $350. He said he was going to do that and have the meeting with the band on the same day. Brian said he did the jingle the same day he got in on the AC/DC thing. Brian said he could have headed back to his parents house but he had AC/DC waiting for him.

Howard said he remembers that they weren’t that exciting back then but they weren’t the band they became yet. Howard said he can see Brian having trouble figuring out that deal. Brian said he went across the street and saw four guys sitting there waiting for him. He said they were waiting for him. He said that he drank with the guys and then started to sing with the band. Howard asked if the drinking affects his voice. Brian said he doesn’t care. He’s not worried about it. Howard said he can’t drink because he’s so neurotic about the voice.

Brian said he started to sign with the guys and they all got goose bumps. He said they were wondering what was happening there. Howard asked if they hired him on the spot or did they tell him to go home. Brian said he thanked them for the chance and he said he had to go home. He said the guys told him he can’t leave.

Howard asked if they had a contract drawn up saying who gets what percentage. Brian said they put him on a wage for 6 months and paid him a salary. He said that Bon Scott had been gone for about 3 months when they did this.

Howard asked how many bands can pull it off and replace the lead singer. He said it doesn’t happen often. Brian said that he thanks his lucky stars today.

Howard asked if he’s out of his parents basement now. Brian said he hasn’t made as much as Howard has but he’s out of the basement.

Howard asked Brian about how he learned to sing in church. Brian said that was rough. He said that he had the gold chain around his neck and all. Howard asked if they got him into the recording session immediately and if Bon Scott had written any of the songs they did. Brian said Bon didn’t write them. He said they went in and did the first album in 6 weeks. Howard said that’s amazing. Brian said it was the most magical time of his life. He said it was happening so quick he couldn’t grasp it. He said the first song he wrote was ”Shook Me All Night Long” and the first line he wrote was ”She was a fast machine…” and he gave it to Malcolm the next morning and that was it. He said he talks about all of that in the book. He said that was the first song he wrote with them. Brian said they heard the rough mix the next morning and he thought it was the best rock and roll song he had ever heard in his life. He said he was the new boy in the band but Malcolm said he could be right. Howard said it’s amazing that they came up with all of those songs in 6 weeks. He said they wrote and recorded them all in that time.

Howard asked Brian if the whole song is in his head when he comes up with the songs. Brian said that sometimes you just get a beat and then the lyrics come. Howard said he makes light of it but he doesn’t get how they come up with the whole thing. Brian said it’s like starting a crossword puzzle. He said once you get started you get it.

Howard said he has a theory about Brian. He said there is a certain magic to the fact that he was in another band and he had to work and put in endless hours working and singing in church. He said he put years of hard work into this and he was kind of accomplished by the time he got into the band. He asked if he watches American Idol to see the kids getting record deals. Brian said they get the finest musicians and everything around them is about beating the people around them. He said you wonder what they’re going to do in the next week. He said he won’t be able to afford the best musicians after that one song.

Howard said the kids on American Idol don’t learn how to write songs. They don’t get the kind of experience that Brian had. Brian said there are too many broken hearts and broken dreams out there because of that show. He said they think they’re destined for greatness and they’re just 17 years old. Howard said he sees people trying to do radio and they just don’t know how hard it’s going to be.

Howard said Brian was bored during the making of the last album so he wrote this book. Brian said that a good story is a lost art. He said that he was told to put some of these stories down so that’s why he did it. Howard said he does have some great stories too.

Brian said that they once lent some equipment to Chuck Berry and he asked for an autograph. He said that Chuck told him that he does one autograph a day and he had already done it. Brian said that the guy won’t pay the musicians and he won’t give you an autograph if you lead him your equipment.

Howard asked Brian if he wrote his own stories down or did he have someone help. Brian said that when you’re in the studio it takes a few days to record the songs. He said he had a legal pad so he would write this stuff down about his cars and then the stories would come back to him. He said that he was just writing them down on the paper. Then he’d send them to his friend after scanning them. He said his friend thought he could get them published so that’s what they did.

Howard said that Keith Richards went out and wrote that book about Mick Jagger. He said that’s just not cool. Brian said the guys in AC/DC are his pals and he would never do that to them. He said that they still travel and stay in the same dressing room together.

Howard asked Brian about how he’s been thinking of retiring. Brian said he’s still feeling good though. Howard told him to stop smoking. Brian said he doesn’t smoke that much. He said he has maybe 5 a day. Howard said he doesn’t know anyone who can smoke just 5 a day. He said they only get worse. Brian said he rolls his own. He showed Howard the tobacco he had. Howard asked if it affects his voice. Brian said of course it does, that’s why he keeps smoking. Howard said he worries about him.

Howard said there were a couple of things in the book he wanted to talk about. He said that in the 80s the groupie thing went away. The whole AIDS scare made that happen. Brian said that they used to see the groupies out there and they would have competitions with the girls. Howard asked if it’s embarrassing not to have a big dick when the guys are getting blow jobs. Brian said that his memories are very hazy about all of that. He said it all stopped when the AIDS scare happened.

Howard asked Brian about his height and if he thinks that helped him get into the band. Brian is 5’6” tall and he said that probably did help since he’s the tallest. Howard said they all are very short. He said he remembers working with them on his movie and how short they seemed to be.

Howard gave Brain some plugs for some book signings he’s doing with this new book. Howard said Brian once met Paul Newman and Paul thought that he was part of his race car team. Howard asked if he went along with it and worked on his car. Brian said he had met him a few times and they raced in the same races. He said they were invited up to Vancouver for a race and Paul asked if he should put wet or dry tires on the car. He said he told him that he didn’t work for him and that he was in AC/DC. He said Paul told him he had heard of him but he didn’t think he had.

Howard said that Brian doesn’t like the show ”Pimp My Ride” because he doesn’t get why they do that. Brian said not to that extent. He said they just go too far with the stereo systems and things like that. He said it’s all egotism. Brian said that these dingbats drive by with the bass going and he wishes he had a hand grenade when he hears that. Howard said he gets what he’s saying. He compared that to people jail breaking their iPhones and iPads.

Howard talked to Brian about how he has to get oxygen and re hydrate himself after shows. Brian said that he has to sit with an IV line of saline solution in his arm sometimes. Howard said they’re very physical during their shows. Brian said that you do have to keep the energy up. Howard said Brian and the guys still care and they want to do it for the fans. Brian said they don’t just do it for the money. They’re there for the fans. Howard said he thinks that’s why they’re so successful. He said the shows wouldn’t have the same impact if they played to a track or something.

Howard said that they come up with a set list and the fans will write to them and complain about the set list. Brian said they had a guy come up to them at a bar once and he told them that they must play what he said they should play. He had been to like 50 shows and they play the same thing. Brian said that they set up the stuff in a certain way and they can’t just change it up. They’re not doing club shows, they’re in stadiums.

Howard asked Brian if it’s weird for him to see Celine Dion doing a cover of ”You Shook Me All Night Long.” Brian didn’t seem to care. He said he hasn’t heard the song. Howard asked if it’s a compliment. Brian said he guesses it is if she’s willing to put it in a set list. He said ”Good on ya Celine.”

Howard said that he’s glad to see Brian doing his thing. He asked if he’s still drinking. Brian said he likes to have a glass of wine. Maybe 2 or 3 a night. Howard asked if he’s an alcoholic. Brian said he’s not. He said he doesn’t drink when he’s racing. He still races. He said he was at Road Atlanta recently and his steering wheel came off at 150 miles per hour. He said he braked 2 feet from the wall. He said his ass was going like a rabbit’s nose. Brian said he’s won some races. He said his wife races too. Howard wanted to talk about her but Brian didn’t want to get into the personal stuff.

Howard asked Brian to teach Celine Dion a lesson and sing that song from Titanic. Howard played some of Celine’s ”You Shook Me All Night Long.” Brian said it wasn’t bad. He said it was kind of silly though.

Howard gave Brian some more plugs for his book signings and found out he’s done one already. He said he signed 500 books at that one. Howard said he will be at the book Review in Huntington Long Island and at another place in Ridgewood, New Jersey this week.

Howard said he had some callers on the line but he was out of time. He said one of the questions was about what his favorite song was. Brian said it’s ”Low Rider” by War. He said that song has everything.

Joey Boots hit with summons for photographing National Guard at Penn Station

Update: Joeys popular youtube channel has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations. You can still catch his videos at

A Howard Stern regular who photographed National Guardsman on duty at Penn Station now has a date in court.

MTA cops slapped him with a criminal summons Wednesday for interfering with traffic.

Joseph Bassolino-known as Joey Boots-likes to jump in front of TV reporters doing live street broadcasts and yell “Bababooey!”

In this case, he said he was perfectly within his legal rights to photograph the soldiers near the LIRR entrance on Seventh Ave.

“I was keeping my distance to not interfere,” said Bassolino, who goes around the city photographing and documenting “all the interesting things I see about the city.”

MTA spokesman Salvatore Arena said photography is allowed in the station, “but you are not allowed to pursue your subject in a harassing manner.”

“However, based on a video posted on YouTube, we will be looking into the conduct of the police officers,” he said.

Bassolino, 44, who said he’s on 100% service-related disability, claimed “thousands of followers” at his on-line website

“I felt that this was an interesting thing to photograph – the fact that we have armed soldiers with M16s on the sidewalks of New York City.”

Bassolino said when the soldiers turned their backs on him, he walked around to the front and kept clicking away.

“A soldier approached me and said ‘You can’t photograph us.’ I turned on my videocam and he walked away.”

A short time later, he said MTA cops approached him – “one called me a creep” – and charged me with interfering with traffic.”

He said he initially videotaped the cops before he was ordered to put the pocket video camera away.

Bassolino said he now has an Aug. 3 date court date.

Mel Karmazin driving force behind Sirius XM’s position that Howard is owed no additional compensation

Deadline Hollywood has a great story this morning about the deteriorating relationship between Howard Stern and Sirius XM head Mel Karmazin.

The two have always been close, as any Stern listener knows. Throughout Stern’s career, Karmazin has backed the talk-show host’s often lewd chatter even when it hurt his own career. When Viacom had to pay $3.5 million to the FCC over obscenity charges related to Stern, Viacom head Sumner Redstone used it as an excuse to fire Karmazin.

Stern followed Karmazin to Sirius in 2004. The deal was mutually beneficial. Stern got a platform where he could say anything he wanted to and Karmazin got a high-profile star to help boost sales. At the time Sirius only had 675,000 listeners.

As my colleague Joan Lappin has written, after recent contract renegotiations, Stern sued SiriusXM claiming he had been cheated out of subscriber-related bonuses. Subscribership at the satellite radio company grew to 3.3 million one year after Stern signed on. Today the combined Sirius XM has 20.5 million subscribers. According to our estimates, Stern earned $76 million over the last 12 month which helped him rank 26th on our annual Celebrity 100 list.

Now Deadline is reporting that the suit reflect Stern’s falling out with Karmazin.

But the real surprise, several of my sources with knowledge of the dispute tell me, is that Mel is the driving force behind Sirius XM’s position that Howard is owed no additional compensation. Even more of a shocker, they claim Karmazin was never happy with the original Stern/Sirius- $80 million a year in cash and $20 million in stock to program two channels starting in 2006 as well as bounties if Sirius’ subscriptions passed certain milestones — negotiated before Mel arrived. And, here’s the real stunner from my sources: allegations that Mel didn’t take care of Howard financially as well as the world believes: “Mel Karmazin does a much better job of taking care of Mel Karmazin than most other Sirius shareholders,” accuses one of my sources.

The bad blood won’t likely chase Stern away from satellite radio and with Sirius and XM merged, he doesn’t have many options aside from terrestrial radio (where he would once again be under the thumb of the FCC) or an Internet-only program which would have trouble attracting the drive-time listeners his show depends on.

Karmazin told investors that the company would ask for a summary judgement in the Stern lawsuit but that he didn’t expect it would be dismissed. If the case goes to trial, a lot of details about problems between the two men could be aired in public.

Whats going on at Sirius?

Howard Stern brought his legal battle with Sirius XM to the airwaves Tuesday morning, trashing the satellite radio company’s executives during the Howard Stern Show for what he believes is a breach of his 2006 contract.

News that Howard Stern’s production company and agent Don Buchwald were suing Sirius XM broke in March 2011, just three months after Stern renewed his contract through 2015.

Stern’s lawyers claim he was bilked out of millions in performance related stock options. The battle comes down to whether or not Stern should receive any credit for the 10 million subscribers Sirus picked up when they acquired their rival XM in 2008.

“Everybody forgets what the f**k was going on around here when I signed on,” seethed Stern Tuesday. “Sirius Radio, by the way, was just about going out of business. I sat down with these guys and I said to them: ‘Look—if I leave terrestrial radio and come to Sirius, I’m gonna bust my balls for you. I’m gonna make s**t happen…I guarantee you guys acquire XM radio. Forget merge—that’s a horses**t f***ing term—ACQUIRE XM radio….But people have a short memory. Everybody’s got a short memory about what went on here…And now that times are good and they’ve reached ‘it,’ everybody wants to f***ing forget what they owe—and WHO they owe…There wouldn’t be a Sirius if I wasn’t here. It wouldn’t be here. This way a Hail Mary pass, hiring me.”

“The war is coming,” warned Stern. “It isn’t over yet. The internet is coming to the car! There’s one thing that separates this company from these other companies that offer music for free—ME!”

Iron Sheik responds to Randy Savage death

Howard said he read about Randy ”Macho Man” Savage died over the weekend. He said that the only guy who really knows the guy is Iron Sheik. He had Sheik on the phone to ask about that. Howard asked if he thought he’d outlive that guy. Sheik said he was a great performer but he was a ”cheap Jew.” Howard asked if he sabotaged his car. Sheik said he did not. Howard said sheik didn’t like Randy. Sheik said that they both bad mouthed each other but it was all an act. He said he feels very bad that he passed away.
Howard asked if he’s going to the funeral. Sheik said he’s not going but he would go if Howard bought him a ticket. Howard said he’s not sure why he would do that.

Howard asked Sheik about smoking pot with Randy. Sheik said they did that and they didn’t do anything else. Howard asked if that’s the best memory he has of him. Sheik said that they did have some good times.

Howard asked Sheik about these guys who smoke weed with him and they don’t buy their own. Sheik said back in the old days he would take care of them.

Howard asked what the best body part was on Randy. Sheik said he was in excellent shape. Howard said it’s weird when they die young like that. Howard said Sheik is older than him and you’d think that he would have gone before him. Sheik said he’s 70 and still surviving. He said that he’s in bad shape with his knee and his shoulder though.

Howard asked Sheik if he was happy that they killed Osama bin Laden. Sheik said that he did deserve to be punished. Howard said he thinks he agrees with what he said. He didn’t seem to understand what he said.

Howard gave Sheik some plugs for a wrestling match he has coming up soon in New Jersey. Sheik said they’ll be wrestling and he’ll wrap his knee. He said that you can book Sheik to make appearances at Howard let Sheik go a short time later. Howard said they learned that he liked Randy other than the fact that he was a ”cheap Jew.” Howard said that’s probably the best obituary he’s ever heard.

Howard and Robin talked about Randy’s death for a little longer. They talked about how he didn’t look like the same guy lately. Howard said he never would have bet that Sheik would outlive Randy. Howard said that it would be great if a fake fight broke out at the funeral. Howard said he thought Sheik didn’t like Savage but today it sounded like he did. Robin said he was very mellow today.

Ted Nugent vs Sam Simon (Howard Stern Hunting Debate)

Part 2 Nugent vs Simon
Part 3 Nugent vs Simon

Ted Nugent called our president a “subhuman mongrel.” I love guns, and I love crazy people, but I hate Ted Nugent. – Sam Simon (Feb 2014)

Howard had Sam Simon on the phone because he was against this whole hunting thing. Ted and Sam said their hello’s and then Howard told Ted about this letter that Sam sent him about what happens when an animal is wounded by a bow. Howard asked Sam to give the argument why they shouldn’t bow hunt. Sam said that it’s hunting in general that he’s against. He said that many animals are wounded and don’t die so they suffer. Ted said that all of his animals have been dead, he can’t eat them live.

Ted said that even eagles that hunt for fish wound about 80 percent of the fish they try to catch. Ted said that only about 10 percent of the hunted game are wounded and keep going. He said that animals can wound each other even worse during mating season. Sam said that hunters have logic that doesn’t make any sense. He though that what Ted was talking about was kind of crazy and he doesn’t want more suffering going on in this world than there needs to be.

Ted said that if you look at wild animals as cartoon characters, then don’t go hunting. Ted said that he hunts to feed his family. He doesn’t just do it for fun. Ted and Sam ended up arguing the whole hunting thing. Neither of them are going to budge on their stance. Howard said it is kind of sad to see the animals hurt the way they do.

Sam asked Ted if he eats leopards when he hunts them. Ted said he has. Sam talked about how he’s actually saved some leopards from being shot in these controlled hunting events because they have no way to get away. They’re stuck in an enclosure where the hunters can just shoot them in the open. Ted told Sam that he’s full of shit and out of his mind. He accused him of lying about that stuff. Sam said he’s seen it for himself so he’s absolutely not lying.

Ted said that he has hunted zebra, elephant and many other things. He said that the meat they get is given to people who need to eat across this country. They hunt deer for those people. Sam said that they do that just so they have an excuse to kill more deer.

Sam said that Ted makes an enormous amount of money from this hunting he does. He said the guy makes money off DVDs and stuff like that so he’s not just hunting for food. Ted told Sam to suck his dick after hearing that. He said that the money he makes goes to help kids and various charities. Sam said that maybe Ted gives away his money but there are people making money on the hunting.

Howard was checking out some pictures on Ted’s web site ( where he shows his kills. They had one of a zebra and a buffalo. Sam didn’t understand why he would want to go out and do this stuff.

Artie said he didn’t know it was going to go this far with the whole hunting thing. Ted told Artie he’d take him bow hunting and he’d have a great time. Sam said that Artie barely gets outside so he’s not sure how he’s going to go hunting.

Howard said that Ted does make a good argument for why he hunts. Sam didn’t think that was true. He said that these people take pleasure in killing these animals. Sam said that the most killed animal in his country is the morning dove and no one eats them. Ted said that’s not true, people do eat those birds all the time. Ted said that the habitat can only sustain so many animals and they do have to kill them.

Ted said that he has some Vegan friends that come to his house and eat with him. He said he has no problem with people who don’t eat meat. He’d even prepare Sam a salad if he wanted. He wondered if Sam would make him a steak if he came to his house. Sam said he absolutely would. Ted said that was a step in the right direction.

Howard said he gets why Sam is against the hunting thing. Sam doesn’t think that they should enjoy going out to kill these animals. Sam said he has no problem with Richard Christy’s father killing animals because he has to eat. He doesn’t have a lot of money, he does it to survive. Artie asked why Sam would have a problem with him going hunting with Mr. Christy. Sam said that Richard’s dad has to do it to survive, Artie doesn’t.

Howard asked Artie if he’s going to go hunting or not now that he’s heard these arguments. Artie said he will go if he can shoot a gun. He will not do it if he can only use a bow. He said it would be a waste of time if he went bow hunting because he would be horrible. Artie said he would feel horrible if he went out to do something like that and ended up just injuring an animal. Ted said he wouldn’t want him hunting with a bow unless he could prove he could kill with a clean shot.

Howard played a clip of Richard’s dad talking about the road kill that they’ve eaten. He said if they see it freshly killed, they’ll pick it up and take it home. Ted said that he’s saved some road kill to eat himself. Howard said that he’s more on Sam’s side in this whole thing. Ted said that’s okay, because there are plenty of people out there who will kill them for him.

Howard wondered if Ted would kill a person if it was legalized. Ted said he’s not into cannibalism so he would not do that. Howard let the two of them go after that. Ted told Sam to have a Tofu dream as he was getting off the line.

Howard took a call from a guy who said that Ted Nugent is a dick head and pointed out that we’re intruding on the animal’s space so that’s why it seems they’re over populated. Another guy said that Sam Simon has his head up his ass about hunting. Howard said that Sam actually does something really cool and saves dogs that are on death row and trains them to help deaf kids with his Sam Simon Foundation.

The caller told Howard that hunting is a sport and a way of life. He said that up in Vermont, that’s the way people live up there. Gary asked how it’s a sport if the animal doesn’t have a gun too. The caller said that the animals know that they’re playing a game and he guarantees that. The guy was also saying that felons are allowed to hunt up there in Vermont with a muzzle loader. He said he was able to shoot two deer back to back within minutes with one of those guns himself.

Howard said that Artie can’t even stay awake, he’s not going hunting. Artie said he’ll end up going out to Kansas and going to Burger King. Another caller asked Howard if they’re going to have full coverage of his marriage on Howard TV. Howard said he doesn’t think he’ll be doing any of that stuff. He’s not as open as Bubba with that stuff. He said they will have some coverage of Beth’s ring and what happened this morning though.

Artie said that he’ll let the guys know if he can go hunting and shoot a gun. Howard said he doesn’t know about that. He can’t imagine doing that himself. Robin said she used to have to dissect frogs when she was in school and they had to keep them alive as they were dissecting them. She said that was really tough to do. Artie said it’s probably just not a good idea for him to go hunting.

Howard had to go to break after that but he played a prank call that Sal made to a pizza place trying to order a pizza from a train station. Sal had to use two computers to make that call happen. He’d give his order but a train horn would go off each time he gave the order. The pizza place told him ”Fuck you and your pizza order, I don’t need this during lunch!” and hung up on him.

Howard Stern boycotts ‘Midnight in Paris’ premiere

Howard Stern can stomach watching a transsexual with a botched vagina riding the sybian at 7:30 in the morning, but Woody Allen is just too much for him to stomach.

Stern had to work during Tuesday night’s NYC Cinema Society screening of Woody Allen’s new movie ‘Midnight in Paris,’ but says even if he’d been available his wife Beth Ostrosky would still have walked the red carpet solo.

The King of All Media says he questioned his wife’s decision to support Woody Allen in the wake of the 1993 scandal in which he was exposed for cheating on his wife Mia Farrow with her adopted daughter Soon Yi Previn.

“I said—‘You really gonna go? Isn’t that supporting Woody Allen?’ And she, lik, she thought about it and then she said ‘Well, I really just want to go see the movie and stuff’. But I said to her: ‘I wouldn’t support Woody Allen’s movie’. Like, I’d probably watch it at home cause I am a Woody Allen fan—of his work.”