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Howard Stern Overpaid? gained exclusive access to the affidavits filed by Howard Stern and his agent Don Buchwald Tuesday.

Buchwald’s affidavit alleges that Karmazin is bitter about the deal Stern landed in 2006 and told Sirius XM President Scott Greenstein that he felt Stern was greatly overpaid.

“Scott Greenstein has told me a number of times that Karmazin is unhappy with the size of the Agreement that was negotiated and agreed to by his predecessor, and that Karmazin has said that if he had been CEO at the time, he would have given Stern much less and not given into our demands. He might have tried to do that, but in this case, as I told Scott Greenstein more than once, Sirius would not have gotten Stern.”

Stern’s personal affidavit was logical, but also deeply emotional. Stern wrote:

“Last year, Sirius celebrated having more than 20 million subscribers by taking out ads in the media and throwing a Paul McCartney concert to commemorate this historic event. I went to that concert, and it was simulcast on one of my channels. I do not understand how the company can brag to the world that it has more than 20 million subscribers, and then turn around and tell me that only half of them count. All of these subscribers are subscribers of Sirius. Sirius has pointed to them as a measure of the company’s success, and the whole purpose of the performance-based stock awards was to allow me to share in that success.”

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Howard Stern destroys Alex Bennett

From Wikipedia: Bennett had a very bitter rivalry with Howard Stern, whom Bennett claims ripped off his style from the days of Bennett’s early New York program. This rivalry intensified when Stern entered the Bay Area market on San Jose’s KOME and eventually replaced Bennett as morning host on KITS in 1998, when CBS took control of the station, fired the on-air staff and moved KOME’s air staff to KITS.

Ironically, when Stern signed with Sirius Satellite Radio (where Bennett currently works) in 2004, Bennett praised the move.

Leslie West calls in to Howard Stern

Rough few days for friends of Howard Stern. First, minion Benjy Bronk was threatened with physical harm after interrupting Anthony Weiner’s farewell announcement.

Now, one of the show’s favorite musical guests, guitarist Leslie West, has just undergone an emergency amputation to, in the words of his reps, “save his life.”

According to a statement from his reps, West, 65, had flown in to Mississippi over the weekend to perform with his band, Mountain.

On Sunday, his leg began to swell. Because he is diabetic, West was immediately taken to the emergency room, where he made “the decision to go through an amputation in order to save his life,” publicist Steve Karas and manager Bob Ringer said in a joint statement. The limb was amputated to the knee.

“Surgery was a success,” they said.

West is expected to recover but faces an arduous physical rehabilitation.

As leader of Mountain, West scored hits with “Mississippi Queen” and “Theme for an Imaginary Western.” Aside from his numerous apperances on Stern’s radio show, West also served as musical director for Stern’s TV show, and worked extensively with the late Sam Kinison.

Sirius XM isn’t home anymore

Howard Stern says he no longer feels welcome at Sirius XM.

Stern has been embroiled in a legal battle with his employer since March 2011, claiming the company bilked him out of millions of dollars in stock bonuses he was promised as part of his original contract in 2006.

Stern is now back to his old role as company pariah, stating that he’s started moving his personal items like family photographs out of his office for fear of sabotage from bitter coworkers.

“It didn’t feel like my pictures belonged here anymore. I actually started thinking: ‘I don’t know if my stuff is safe here.’ It’s an emotional feeling. I all the sudden it didn’t feel like this was home. Nobody ever came and talked to me about this is a civilized way. I’m a pretty important player here in the mix. They treat me like I’m a fucking asshole. I knew that I was in for more of the same early on. I predicted all this anyway. I knew something weird would happen. I just knew it. There’s tremendous resentment here about me. That’s what I feel. People can’t deal with it.”