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New Jackie Martling interview

A lot of Stern show fans have been complaining that the show is on vacation too much now. What do you think about that?
I do know back when I was on the show, I remember I was always screaming to Howard (impersonating his own voice) “Come on let’s have four days!” And he’d always say, “Mel won’t let me do it.” Because I always said, “God this would be the greatest job…” Not that it’s not the greatest job in the world now, but if it had been four days a week, and you got that extra day to regenerate, that would have been like I died and went to heaven. I would have loved that. The worst thing about not being on the show is I miss sitting there and laughing. We’d laugh for five hours, five days a week. And you just don’t have that in a normal life.

It just doesn’t exist. Of course the idea of writing something and then two seconds later rather, millions of people are laughing at it, that’s like a comedian’s dream. But sitting there and laughing and just having such a great time… They used to goof on me, because everyday we would get done and I’d go, “That was a great show,” and everybody would go (in a Jackie impersonation) “Yeah, that was a great show.” But I always meant it. I wouldn’t just say it. I’d say it if it was a great show, and it usually was.
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Beth Ostrosky Stern to host Mom Caves

Matt Muenster is heading to “Mom Caves” with Howard Stern’s wife, Beth Stern aka Beth Ostrosky.

“Time to share some news. Next Saturday … a pilot episode of a potential new series called “Mom Caves” I co-host with Beth Stern will make its debut” Muenster tells fans this week.

“A concept that sort of flips the idea of the “Man Cave” on its head and gives the woman/mom a special space within her home to enjoy either alone or surrounded by the people she cares for most.” He adds “It’s a tricky thing to define – as the term doesn’t exactly carry the immediate imagery that comes to mind when one hears “Man Cave”, but it is an exciting chance to develop something new.” It airs 10/3 at 9pE/8pC on HGTV

Howard Stern on Charlie Rose

Howard Stern on the Charlie Rose show from March 28, 1997.

A discusison between radio personality Howard Stern and Charlie Rose, about his career in radio and his movie “Private Parts”, based on his autobiography by the same name.