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Ronnie hosts Rick’s 6th Anniversary party

Rick’s Cabaret in New York City, the favorite gentlemen’s club of the Howard Stern Show, recently celebrated it’s 6th Anniversary.

So what would a party be without some of the Stern Show crew present and hosting? It was “Ronnie the Limo Driver”, a regular at Rick’s, and “Sal the Stockbroker” that were the special guest co-hosts for the week-long party featuring over 100 beautiful topless dancers.

New Richard Christy Interview

Richard Christy may be extreme metal’s first big crossover success. The peerless drummer and unrivaled phone prankster moved to Florida in his teens with a dream of becoming part of the death metal scene and ended up drumming for Death and Iced Earth. While living in a warehouse he started sending song parodies and crank calls to The Howard Stern show. In 2004, he won a contest to replace departing staffer “Stuttering” John Melendez and became a fixture on the most successful talk radio show ever.

Since joining the Stern show Christy has participated in countless outrageous stunts that have captivated listeners. He and writing partner Sal Governale embraced and feigned kissing in front of CNN cameras on the morning Lehman Brothers collapsed, a stunt that became the most watched video that day on YouTube. He’s had his private parts waxed on air, been mocked for questionable hygiene and had his rectal temperature taken by longtime Stern co-host Robin Quivers. Christy and Governale have also made some of the funniest prank calls since the Jerky Boys, including a barrage of calls to the regional call-in sales show Tradio.

Christy’s place in death metal history would be secure without his thriving second career. But he hasn’t given up on his first love. His band Charred Walls Of The Damned released their second album Cold Winds On Timeless Days this month. Christy spoke to Hellbound about his journey from Kansas farm to warehouse to tour bus to the biggest radio show in history.

When you started playing death metal you were living in a warehouse. Now you are living in New York City and you are a featured performer on arguably the most popular radio show ever.

If someone had told me fifteen years ago that I would have an indoor shower I would think they were crazy (laughs). I couldn’t imagine I’d be working on the Howard Stern show. When I lived in a storage unit in Florida I showered with a garden hose outside. But I was young and it was for metal and we all need to make sacrifices to do what we love. I kept working on things and plugging away and played drums every day. I’d also send in bits to the Howard Stern shows as a fan because I loved to do it. I’m thankful that now I’m able to do both.
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Robin Quivers gets her own show The Chatter on Howard 101

Some think it should have happened long ago while others feel that Robin Quivers getting her own show is an outrage. That is the beauty of the Howard Stern channels. They are full of opinionated debate and loyal listeners which, whether they support the new show or not, will certainly tune in. Some will listen because they love it. Others will listen to amass fodder for the Stern Show.

Quivers has been with Stern for many years. Throughout that time she has been a staple to the show delivering news, commentary, and sometimes even a bit of sanity to what has become one of the most prolific radio shows in history. While this is not the first time that Quivers has had ventures outside the regular Stern Show, it is the first time she has been a headliner on Sirius XM’s Howard 100 and Howard 101.

Quivers new show, called “The Chatter” has been compared to the format used on the ‘The Joy Behar Show,’ where, as coincidence would have it, Quivers has guest hosted several times. Quivers will offer up her opinions on the news stories of the week and discuss current events with three guest panelists.

The premiere episode, which aired October 13th, featured comedian Paul Mercurio, blogger John Devore and Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead The show does not take itself too seriously and is a good and entertaining listen. While some topics can lean toward serious, Quivers finds a way to bring a bit of fun into each aspect of the show. With rotating guests the show could become a draw for celebrities. The Chatter should also benefit from the guest list of the Howard Stern Show.

The Stern Show is about 10 months into a new 5 year deal. Many talented people in the Stern Fold are beginning to branch out and build their own personas, perhaps in recognition that Howard Stern may well retire when the current contract is up. A Robin Quivers hosted show on the Stern channels is a natural fit. The big question is why it took so long to come to fruition. The Chatter with Robin Quivers can be heard every Thursday at 1:00 PM on Howard 101.