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Artie Lange Returns to Stand Up

“One day you’re on top. The next day, you’re on top of a ledge.”

“It’s good to be alive,” Artie Lange said early in his set Sunday Night at New York’s Caroline’s Comedy Club. It was good to see him back; it was one of Lange’s first high-profile stand-up sets after a nearly two-year hiatus that occurred following his suicide attempt in January 2010. He later spent two stints in rehab and three in psychiatric wards.

Lange left the spotlight at his peak – he was a longtime sidekick on the Howard Stern Show, his memoir Too Fat to Fish was a national bestseller and he regularly performed sold-out theater gigs around the country. Since returning, Lange has done a handful of stand-up shows and begun hosting a Direct TV sports talk show with comic Nick Dipaolo. He never mentioned the tragic incident in the set, but after someone shouted, “What’s up with Howard?” Lange said, “Listen man, shit happens. One day you’re on top. The next day, you’re on top of a ledge.”

Lange took the stage to a standing ovation as AC/DC’s “Hell’s Bells” blared. It was striking to see him in person; his hair and beard have gone greyer, and his onstage demeanor is mellower than it used to be. When the material wasn’t razor-sharp, the crowd was there to rally for him, regularly erupting with shouts of “We love you, Artie!”
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Adam Levine in studio with Howard Stern

During a radio interview on Howard Stern’s morning show, “The Voice” judge Adam Levine was mercilessly questioned about Christina Aguilera’s weight issues and wardrobe decisions.

Stern wasted no time in questioning Levine on his fellow judge and competitor, Christina Aguilera.

“Why did she get so heavy? Is she upset?” Stern asked. According to Pop Crush, Levine responded to the question by rolling his eyes.

Stern also commented that the female singer wore her clothes too tight. Levine was careful about how he responded to the question.

“She clearly likes talking about being comfortable with being a woman,” Levine stated, adding that Aguilera was at liberty to do whatever she wanted.

Stern then proceeded to call Aguilera “plus-sized.”

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“I wouldn’t go that far,” Levine said, still trying to avoid the conversation. However, Stern was relentless.

A fellow radio host chimed in to ask Stern if he thought Aguilera was a size twelve. Stern decided to ask Levine instead if he knew what size the female star was. Levine finally appeared to get upset.

“I am keeping my f—— mouth shut,” the Maroon Five singer responded.

Christina Aguilera gave birth to her son, Max Liron Bratman, in Los Angeles on Jan. 12, 2008.

Stern has built a reputation on his offensive remarks.

In 2010, he referred to “Precious” star Gabourey Sidibe as an “enormous, fat black chick,” a comment he refused to take back, insisting instead that the actress was in need of help.

While some are offended by the radio host, others find his humor appealing.

“I admire you trying, but I’ve spent a lot of time in strip clubs … I was named ‘Perv of the Year’ three times in a row. … That [act] didn’t have sex appeal,” Stern said to a contestant while judging on America’s Got Talent.

Robin Quivers falls for email scam

Howard Stern Show co-host Robin Quivers is always eager to help a friend in need–maybe a bit too eager.

Quivers was suckered in by the dreaded “stranded abroad with no money” email shakedown last week. The scam hacks email accounts and then sends a message to everyone in the victim’s address book, claiming that the sender is “stranded abroad with no money” and asking the email recipients to wire cash.

This time, the hackers tapped into the email account of Stacy Lange–sister of ex-Howard Stern Show co-host Artie Lange, which gave him access to the personal email addresses of some of the most powerful and wealthy people in radio–including Howard Stern. Stern wasn’t suckered in by the scam though. Robin Quivers was.

Quivers reported Wednesday that she spent hours (while she was sick with a cold) trying to wire 1400 Euros to “Stacy Lange” when she received the email while the Stern Show was on vacation. Thankfully, shortly after the wire went through, a friend of Quivers alerted her to the scam and the Robin was able to cancel the wire before it was collected.

How is Howard Stern doing on America’s Got Talent so far?

America’s Got Talent held its first 2012 Los Angeles auditions Friday, and the performers were not the only ones under scrutiny. AGT came to town with its newest judge, the controversial “shock jock” pioneer Howard Stern.

But anyone hoping to see the language, behavior and general demeanor of Stern’s radio rampages may have been disappointed.

“I’ve taken more no-talents and made them talents,” Stern said. “There is a way to sculpt people, to mentor people, and a way to find something that would tap into the national psyche.”

The self-proclaimed king of all media said he suprised himself during his stint at the judge’s desk.

“There were times when I was downright compassionate,” he said. “It was really unsettling.”

That’s not what some fans wanted to see Friday.

“I don’t like a lot of judges sugar coating everything,” said Carlos Jones, a Stern fan.

Don’t worry, Carlos.

“It’s a little weird, the first day out, I buzzed a nine-year-old kid,” Stern said. “The kid was adorable, but I did it, man, you gotta do it. I said, ‘Look, you’re cute, you’re adorable, but goodness gracious, you don’t belong on America’s Got Talent,’ and you just feel like the devil himself.”

Still, Stern said he wants to stay true to himself.

“If someone wants to go up on stage, and wants to be evaluated, I will evaluate them,” he said, somewhat sternly.

“You don’t want to be a stereotype as a judge,” he said. “You don’t want to be, ‘Oh, you’re replacing Piers, you gotta be the mean guy, or you gotta be the guy that always hits the buzzer.’ I have no preconceived notion, and I got news for you. If you go in there and watch this taping, it is insane.”