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Artie may appear on the Stern Show in November

Comedian Artie Lange has yet to do an in depth interview on his January 2010 suicide attempt but hopes to do so on the Howard Stern Show in November, when his book Crash and Burn is released.

“I think I’m at the place where I can do it. It would be a heavy thing,” says Lange about a hoped-for Stern visit. Fans have been waiting for Lange to appear on Stern’s show, and Artie says he and Stern wanted to make sure he was emotionally ready.

Sober since April 14, 2011, Lange says, “Toward the end it became so terrible trying to be f—– up 24/7.” His addiction led him to rehab after he tried to do himself in with a knife. His mother reportedly found him.

“I have a book coming out in November,” said Lange. “And obviously it’s going to cover a lot of crazy, crazy stuff. And I was told, possibly, when the book came out to come on, because it’s going to cover a lot of stuff that happened on the show. I mean, I would do it whenever they wanted, but I understand their apprehension and it’s not out of any bad feelings. It’s out of them being concerned for my health and anything that going back on that show might bring back up for me.”

Ugly Meter App reaches 5 million downloads via Stern Show

An application that makes its goal to tell you how ugly you are is riding high in Apple’s App Store.

Ugly Meter, which has been around for quite some time, has suddenly found itself threatening Angry Birds Space for the top spot in Apple’s App Store. For a period of three weeks recently, the application topped China’s listing of top iPhone apps, according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail. As of this writing, it’s in second place in the U.S. store.

Ugly Meter first made headlines last year after raising concerns among anti-cyberbullying organizations. The application allows users to snap an image of their face, and then scans it for symmetry, contours, and other elements to determine how good- (or bad-) looking a person is. Ratings are handed out on a scale of 1-10, and include some not-so-nice quips about a person’s looks.

Although Ugly Meter had maintained some relevance in the App Store, the app became a phenom nearly overnight recently due mainly to none other than Howard Stern. According to the Daily Mail, app developer Dapper Gentlemen made $80,000 in a single day after the $4.99 Pro version of Ugly Meter was showcased on the shock jock’s morning radio show on

Sirius XM. All told, according to the Ugly Meter listing in the App Store, the application has been downloaded over 5 million times. The developers have generated over $500,000 in total revenue, according to the Daily Mail.

That cash isn’t going to waste. One of the co-creators of the Ugly Meter app, Joe Overline, went back on the Stern’s show last week and said his company is now planning to hire another programmer to advance its application-development plans…


Howard Stern Files an Appeal

Radio host Howard Stern, against the odds, has appealed a lawsuit against employer Sirius XM, which was previously dismissed and ruled “with prejudice,” by New York State Supreme Court Judge Barbara Kapnick, meaning neither Stern nor his manager, Don Buchwald, could refile a suit with similar claims.

In her ruling earlier this month, Kapnick noted that Stern’s contract had “clear, unambiguous language” and, as such, was not entitled to any further compensation.

Under the terms of his contract, Stern believed he was owed an additional $300 million for lost stock awards, when he signed his initial deal in 2005. If Stern surpassed subscriber thresholds as a result of joining the company, he would have been granted these options.

In the contract, the radio host was supposed to receive five stock awards worth $75 million each, in addition to a $25 million bonus he received when the merger happened. Stern only received the initial grant, but not the other four.

Buchwald and Stern argued that he had surpassed the expectations because of the merger with XM Satellite Radio in 2008. Stern resigned with Sirius in December 2010.

The New York Supreme Court may not accept Stern’s appeal from the appellate court, given Kapnick’s decision, but it’s noteworthy that Stern’s lawyers believe there is a chance the case could be heard.

Stern’s article on Matt Lauer

By: Howard Stern

We all wondered, Was it over? It’s over, it’s over, he’s losing his hair! It’s got to be over! But we were wrong! The strength was still there, perhaps stronger still, crashing pillars to earth with innate strength and charm and class — Matt Lauer, 54, the anti-Samson, going up against pretty guys and girls, the hairy people. He was still the smartest, the strongest, the classiest. How? Why? This is a guy who never gives up! Why? How? ‘Cause he works his ass off and cares about everything he does. Adversity, begone! Katie leaves. Meredith leaves. Knuckleheads come and go. Matt is there and stronger still. Our leader, diving into treacherous TV morning waters unscathed by sharks, unstung by stingrays, impossible to harm ’cause our Matt is cool and relaxed and so we’re cool and relaxed and we can deal with the complexities of a presidential interview, a great sports event or the wacko.

All people become newsworthy in his Matt-talk, and their stories take on great importance. I’ve questioned the relevance of the Lohan story, the Brinkley divorce and again, again, again, Kim Kardashian — but it all becomes news, something we want to hear from the Matt Lauer interview. No wonder NBC is paying someone $25 million a year and it ain’t me! Oh, how I admire him, and how I admire his lovely wife Annette.

If there is ever a woman Mrs. Stern and I would want to have a threesome with, it’s Annette, although the three of us would probably end up in bed laughing and saying, “Where in the world is Matt?” (Hey, I’m Howard Stern, and I need to throw something inappropriate into everything I do.) Carry on, Matt. Oh, how we wish we were him.

Howard Stern makes $15 Million on America’s Got Talent

Britney Spears will own the highest paycheck of any reality celebrity judge on television. The singer agreed to a $15 million dollar contract to perform and the “X-Factor.”

However, Spears isn’t the only one the networks offer big bucks. Howard Stern will make nearly $15 million while on “America’s Got Talent” this summer and “The Voice” gang sing all the way to the bank on million dollar pay rolls.

Jennifer Lopez comes close with her “American Idol” paycheck. Comrade Steven Tyler reportedly makes millions as well, however, not nearly enough as Lopez.

George Takei on working with Stern

Looking back on your entertainment career, who has provided the more outrageous working experience: William Shatner or Howard Stern?

Howard can be both outrageous and munificent. Going on speaking tours to colleges, on equality for the LGBT(lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community is good and necessary, but it’s more or less speaking to the choir. When Howard gave me that invitation to become his “official announcer,” I accepted because I thought he would give me access to a whole different audience, that are decent and fair-minded, but don’t think about issues like equality for the LGBT community. He has an amazing reach and he gave me the opportunity to say to these people that we are all members of your families. We’re literally your sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, we’re literally kin. We’re your flesh and blood, and that made a lot of people think.

After about three or four months on the “Howard Stern Show,” I started getting letters from people who identified themselves as straight, married, male, some Republicans, some Democrats, and they said I made sense and they would be supportive of LGBT equality. I was very touched by that and I owe that in large part to Howard. So, if it’s comparing Bill Shatner and Howard Stern, most definitely Howard Stern has been more outrageous, but he gave me the kind of opportunity that I never dreamed of. Bill has never given me that, only grief.

Jason Ellis in studio

The Howard Stern Show studios in New York, NY this past Wednesday captured some great live audio and video of ‘The Future’ being interviewed by ‘The King of All Media’ in an effort to put the debut book by Ellis, aptly titled “I’m Awesome”, on the top of the NY Times bestseller list.

The debut book from the current of host of ‘The Jason Ellis Show’ on SirusXM Faction 41 (3 PM ET – 7PM ET) is now available for purchase wherever books are sold.