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Stern’s 30th Anniversary of New York Debut

Howard Stern was a personality that radio would not soon forget. But in 1982, listeners in the New York City area could only imagine what the hype was about.

And then August 30 happened.

Thirty years ago, Stern arrived in New York at WNBC Radio, complete with sidekick Robin Quivers, who first worked with Stern in Washington a year earlier. Of course, with his roots in rough and tumble Roosevelt, Long Island, this was Howard’s homecoming.

Stern and Jimmy Kimmel hate Jay Leno

Howard Stern isnt the only person that hates Jay Leno in Hollywood. In an interview that was done in New York this week, the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host said “fuck him” when asked for his thoughts on Leno. He also recalled the last time he spoke to Leno which was when he went on his primetime show back in 2010 and proceeding to bash and mock him on the air for taking “The Tonight Show” back after NBC became unhappy with the Conan O’Brien’s performance as host in terms of ratings:

“It was probably my proudest moment … People, it turns out, really don’t like Jay Leno. We have not spoken since that time.” – Kimmel

Eric the Actor gets work with TNA Wrestling

Eric the Actor of Howard Stern fame is scheduled to join TNA as a regular pay-per-view analyst on their TNA Today web series. Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borash made the announcement last night with Eric the Midget in Las Vegas at the Ronnie Mund Block Party.

So did Eric make it to the Bunny Ranch while in Las Vegas? “I didn’t have time to go to any ranches, and Dennis Hof’s Bunny Ranch near Reno not Las Vegas.” – ETM

Stern fan pranks ABC after Empire State Building shooting

A Howard Stern fan called into ABC News stating that he was close by to the Empire State Building and saw the shooting take place:

“I was right in the front of the store with my friend Ronnie Mund and we all just heard the glass breaking…and a guy go down…and we all just started running right into the back.”

So what happened to the guy that went down? “Howard Stern came in and took him” said the fan as he was disconnected.

Robin Quivers to replace Sharon Osbourne on America’s Got Talent?

Ever since Sharon’s been saying she wants to leave AGT,” said Stern. “I get calls from people saying they want to be the new female judge on AGT, and I explain to them that I don’t have anything to do with it other than I’m just a hired hand. It’s strictly a job.”

“They want you to put in a good word for them—drop their name,” said co-host Robin Quivers. “But you’d better be dropping mine!”

Stern said he’s already submitted Quivers’ name for the job:

“I told people that you would be a good judge over there. I don’t know what they do about it, but I’ve put your name in.”

George Takei gets personal on Stern and More!

George Takei gets interviewed by Stern Show listener Allison Hope Weiner on his Howard Stern show role, decision to come out of the closet publicly, Artie Lange and dealing directly with homophobia.

George shares some very personal stories of his upbringing and his Japanese-American family’s internment during WWII. George’s new Japanese Interment musical titled Allegiance runs from Sept. 7 – Oct. 21, 2012 at The Old Globe, CA.

Day in the life of Howard Stern on AGT

NBC’S top rated show “America’s Got Talent” returns all new on Tuesday, August 14th (8-10 p.m. ET), with live performances from 12 brand new acts selected from YouTube. This year, thousands of acts from across the country submitted videos at , hoping for a chance to perform live on America’s biggest stage and for a shot at bypassing the competition to become a Top 24 act.

On Wednesday’s results show, viewers will get a never-before seen look at a day in the life of celebrity judge Howard Stern. From his radio program, to his cross town commute to “Americas Got Talent,” to a look behind the scenes at AGT, fans will follow Stern in an exclusive peak at his day before he takes his judges’ seat to announce the four acts from Tuesday’s show that will move on to the semi-finals.