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Sour Shoes (Best of Tribute)

Sour Shoes Massaged By Lisa G:

We have learned that Lisa G has signed a book deal with Harper Collins. The book entitled “Sex, Lies and Cookies” is a memoir of her crazy missteps while navigating the urban dating scene and how cookies saved the day.

Each chapter will have a cookie recipe reflecting what was going on in her life at the time. The book is due out right after Memorial Day 2013.

Bill O’Reilly: Why Did Howard Stern Only Interview African-Americans?

Bill O’Reilly, Captain Obvious gets trolled by Richard and Sal…

Howard Stern enjoys stepping away from the studio occasionally and dipping his toes into political waters. The shock jock once again took to the streets of Harlem and interviewed folks who plan on voting for President Barack Obama in November. Stern conducted a similar project in 2008.

Now, it would be unfair to say that the folks heard in the following video are representative of all Obama supporters. It’s a small group of very similar people. Even Stern admits they didn’t interview a diverse group. In addition, the interviewer does set up some of the questions in a leading way. So take the results with a grain of salt.

Richard and Sal Expose Obama Supporters (Viral Polictical Video)

Richard and Sals interview with Obama “Supporters” goes viral, even being picked up by America’s 1 News Network Fox News:

Howard Stern contributors Sal and Richard travel to Harlem to interview Obama supporters and ask them why they are voting for Obama. They did this back in 2008, now let’s see what happens when they do it again in 2012!

Richard and Sal pass all of McCains policies as Obamas and “Obama” voters eat it all up. Clueless supporters voting based on race.

Sirius XM boss Mel Karmazin to be replaced?

Liberty Media Corp Chief Executive Greg Maffei escalated a war of words with Sirius XM Radio Inc boss Mel Karmazin on Thursday, saying Karmazin could be replaced when his contract expires at the end of the year.

Liberty Media is close to taking control of the satellite radio provider, pending approval by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.

Speaking at a Goldman Sachs investor conference in New York, Maffei said that Karmazin, who has led Sirius XM since 2004, was “valuable” but not “irreplaceable.”

“I think there are plenty of people who could do a great job running the business,” said Maffei, whose Liberty Media holds a 49.6 percent stake in Sirius XM and has said it plans to raise its stake above 50 percent.

Karmazin’s contract expires at the end of the year. He told investors last week that he is open to contract negotiations but that “my instincts today are that Liberty does not need me at the company.”

Lisa Lampanelli Drops 80 Pounds (Weight Loss)

Comedian Lisa Lampanelli, who appeared in the last season of Celebrity Apprentice, says she has lost more than 80 pounds after having most of her stomach removed through gastric sleeve surgery earlier this year – and she’s still shedding weight.

“It drops off, dude,” Lampanelli told Howard Stern on his radio show Tuesday. “It’s so much fun. By the time I get my clothes dry cleaned, I’ve got to throw them away.”

After trying for 32 years to lose weight through dieting and other unsuccessful methods, Lampanelli told Stern she opted to have surgery in April to remove 85 percent of her stomach. She and her husband Jimmy both had the procedure, and he has lost 63 pounds since.

Howard Stern for Vice President?

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, asked the America’s Got Talent judge if he would consider being his running mate in the 2016 US Presidential election.

With his perfect comedic talent, Stern replied calmly, “I usually don’t play second fiddle, but in this case, I might.”

Ventura, who is toying with the idea of running as an independent in 2016, didn’t hide his enthusiasm about having someone who carries the weight, and the cache of Stern, the world’s best known radio personality.

“With my new gig on America’s Got Talent, I’ve got mass appeal now. The people will vote for me,” said Stern.
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Bubba’s new BRN Studios

Bubba’s previous studio had everything needed for a shock radio host — a green room complete with shower, a stripper pole, even a fight area known as the Bubbagon.

But that wasn’t enough.

Bubba needed something bigger, more secure. Something with a trout pond. On Feb. 26, Majec Realty Holdings LLC of Clearwater closed the sale of its 5021 W. Nassau St. location to BRN Studios LLC for $605,000, and the creation of the new BTLS studio began.

“They are setting up in bigger space, but they will have more amenities built to accommodate guests,” said Elise Brown of Drummer PR LLC in Trenton, N.J., Bubba’s publicist. “This new site will have offices, green screen rooms, and audio and video production bays in separate studios where they can do voiceovers and production work.”

Bonus: Bubba on Fine Time

Sharon Osbourne officially quits AGT

Sharon Osbourne has decided to bow out from her judging position on NBC’s America’s Got Talent after this season.

Osbourne made the announcement on last night’s program when trying to console a dance group by saying, “Don’t be sad, because it’s my last show, too. So we’re leaving together!”

Deadline Hollywood reports NBC is already in the process of finding a replacement. Howard Stern stayed quiet about the subject. He doesn’t have a contract beyond this season but the network is clear they’d like him to return.