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Pandora Internet Radio vs SiriusXM

Its a crucial day for Pandora Internet Radio.

CEO Joseph Kennedy is pleading his case in favour of the Internet Radio Fairness Act today, a bill that was recently introduced in Congress that would cut the cost structure for music streaming websites.

Unlike SiriusXM Radio, which pays a small percentage of its revenue to music artists and labels, Pandora and other Internet radio stations like iHeartRadio have to pay a royalty for every song that is streamed online.

Pandora’s CEO Kennedy argues that they will pay out around $250 Million in royalties a year, and thats more than half of what they will collect in total revenue this year. Kennedy points out that SiriusXM is paying just 7.5% of its revenue.

However, Satellite radio also offers talk, sports, comedy, and specialty programming like the Howard Stern Show. Each of these channels costs SiriusXM a percentage of income as well, for instance Howard Stern’s channels Howard 100 and 101 cost SiriusXM approximation $100 Million a year to run. In the end its unlikely Internet Radio Fairness Act will pass but if it does Pandora and other Internet Radio stations would have more a lot more revenue to possibly invest into on air talents, thus giving options to future radio broadcasters.

Howard Stern: I’m not sure if I’m returning

Is Howard Stern jockeying for more money or is he really considering not returning to AGT?

I’m still working on the decision about America’s Got Talent,” said Stern yesterday on SiriusXM Radio Show. “You know, like the Magic 8 Ball, the answer is still fuzzy. I’m thinking about it, though, I’m thinking about it seriously.”

Stern went on to suggest that his brash personality played a large role in America’s Got Talent’s ratings wins this past summer.

“You’ve got to be original. You can’t sit and look at focus groups. You can’t read your comments on Twitter,” he explained.

The radio presenter concluded: “You’ve got to go ahead and do what’s true to your heart, and that’s what I tell people on America’s Got Talent. It’s really the basic truth: You just have to go ahead and do what you think is right.”

America’s Got Talent returns in the summer of 2013 to NBC.

Is Bubba the Love Sponge a complete moron?

Jill Kelley emails say David Petraeus and John Allen asked her to stop former Howard 101 radio host Bubba the Love Sponge from desecrating the Koran.

Kelly wrote the city’s mayor, Bob Buckhorn, saying that David Petraeus and Gen. John Allen had asked her about preventing the stunt.

In March 2012, a Tampa shock jock called Bubba the Love Sponge announced he was going to “deep fat fry” a Koran as a stunt.

Tampa socialite Jill Kelley wrote the city’s mayor saying that then CIA Director David Petraeus and the top commander in Afghanistan, Gen. John Allen, had asked her about “getting this dealt with.”

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn responded that the city was “working on it,” according to email correspondence released by his office this week.

Buckhorn also wrote “This Bubba the Love Sponge is a complete moron.”

Bubba the Love Sponge never followed through on the inflammatory move, but he was reportedly part of a crowd outside Kelley’s Tampa mansion on Friday.

Not happy over being called a moron, Bubba drove his truck in front of the Kelley house for a half-hour, pumping his new parody to song “Petraeus.”

He also blasted Major Buckhorn saying “I will make it my mission to destroy this guy. I am his political death sentence.”

Jon Hein`s Fast Food Mania Premieres on TLC

We’ve grown up with America’s favorite cuisine – fast food. From beloved childhood memories to classic Americana, the art of quick and delicious meals represents some of life’s greatest pleasures and often marks precious moments.

TLC invites fans to dive into the pop culture world of fast food and dig deep into its cuisine – Fast Food Mania features its fanatics and explores all the one-of-a-kind wonders it has to offer. The show is hosted by Jon Hein from “The Howard Stern Show” and “The Fast Food Show” on Sirius/XM. Fast Food Mania is moving from ‘Destination America’ network to TLC with a ten-part series which will run every Thursday at 10pm beginning November 22 on TLC. Encores every Saturday at 4pm and Sunday at 12/9pm.

Kid Rock Interview with Howard Stern (Transcript)

Kid Rock stopped by the Howard Stern Show Wednesday and shared some lively stories about chatting with Mitt Romney and hosting a dinner party with Eminem.

Rock revealed that when Romney contacted him for his support during his presidential campaign, he demanded answers first. Romney’s team agreed, and the two sat down at the rocker’s house with a campaign aide, two Secret Service members and a preapproved list of questions.

Rock said he wanted to ensure that Romney was not “just a rich guy who wanted to become president to out-do [his] dad,” but someone of greater substance. “I know what it’s like to want to be better than your father,” Rock told Howard Stern. “Of course, I’m getting these ‘I really want to help America [answers]’ and I said, ‘Cut the s**t, this is my living room; this isn’t going to leave here.'” Rock’s main concern was his hometown, and once he had a commitment towards improving Detroit from Romney, he was all in.

Though he considers himself a conservative, Rock also said that he’s not into right-wing social politics. “I’m into less government,” he said, adding, “If gay people want to get married, I don’t give a fuck.” For Rock, disagreement in beliefs is fine, but failing to vote isn’t. “It’s OK to stand for something… I’ve got friends who didn’t vote. I want to smack them upside the head,” he said.

Kid Rock also hinted today on his Facebook page about an upcoming tour to support his forthcoming album Rebel Soul, out November 19th:

“6 am in NYC…Sitting across from my hotel by Central Park, wishing I was in a deer blind somewhere! But it is so peaceful here in the morning and I am looking forward to seeing my old friend Howard Stern in a few hours. Man am I lucky to have a job like I have!

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has supported and enjoyed the music for so many years. Y’all keep my spirits high. I miss my son and am looking forward to seeing him in a few days for thanksgiving. Hope everyone is doing the best they can and enjoying every second of life. Can’t wait to hit the road in a few months and celebrate with everyone. Until then- Rock On.” Kid Rock

Kid Rock in studio

The producer of a Kid Rock video called “Cucci Galore,” a song on Rock’s new “Rebel Soul” album, posted on Facebook today that it will debut 8 a.m. Wednesday on radio host Howard Stern’s website,

“I was fortunate enough to direct the new Kid Rock music video, “Cucci Galore,” which will be debuted by Howard and Rock tomorrow morning at 8am Eastern Time. If you listen to Sirius XM, check out the interview – the video will go live on Howard’s site at that time!

I designed the video to be a crazy, that takes us a little closer to the over-the-top Kid Rock videos that I continue to worship. Hope you enjoy it!”

Carmen Electra next America’s Got Talent Judge?

Simon Cowell is reportedly vetting Carmen Electra as a judge on “America’s Got Talent.” According to the NY Post, Cowell was lobbying for Electra to join Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel last season, but the network reportedly dismissed the idea. Now that Sharon Osbourne has left the show Carmen might have a real chance.

Cowell reportedly told the New York Post last year that he wanted to add “somebody younger, a woman, someone who will not be afraid of Howard Stern and fight for a different type of act.”

Producers have a few more months to find judges for next season. Auditions for Americas Got Talent Season 8 begin in Los Angeles this week, but successful contestants won’t appear before Howard Stern until February 2013.

Howard Stern inducted into Radio Hall of Fame

There’s no doubt Howard Stern will be inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame Saturday November 10, 2012. But whether the King of All Media will accept the honor is another question. Stern, who was passed over four times in previous balloting, was chosen this year by the Chicago-based shrine’s steering committee.

“We would hope that Howard would show up,” said chairman Bruce DuMont. “He certainly deserves to be in the Radio Hall of Fame. We’ll be delighted to welcome him and honor him. I hope that he rises to the occasion. We think we did the right thing, and I hope he does the right thing, too.”

Stern, who has ridiculed the Radio Hall of Fame in the past, acknowledged the honor on his SiriusXM Radio show when he read a note of congratulations from Chaz Ebert, wife of movie critic Roger Ebert. But Stern and his agent have never responded in any way officially. DuMont said Stern’s presenter will be Bears defensive tackle and longtime fan Amobi Okoye.

Other 2012 inductees include Gary Burbank, Ron Chapman, Art Laboe, Luther Masingill, Jack L. Cooper (posthumously), and NPR’s Fresh Air, hosted by Terry Gross. Geraldo Rivera will host the nationally broadcast event from the Museum of Broadcast Communications, 360 North State Street.