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Beth Stern on ‘Spoiled Rotten Pets’

Beth Stern, hosts the new Nat Geo Wild show “Spoiled Rotten Pets.”

Beth and her husband, Howard Stern, feel the same way about their pets. “Women fall in love with their husbands when they see them as fathers,” she said. “When I see him with our pets, I fall in love with him even more.”

Howard gives her plenty of opportunities to fall more in love ever since Walter, the Sterns’ rescue cat, came into their lives. One revealing habit, Beth says, is that “you’ll walk by his office and he’s talking to someone. It’s usually Walter, sitting at his desk.

Brent Hatley quits Bubba The Love Sponge Show

Bubba The Love Sponge’s producer and co-host Brent Hatley has quit “citing a desire to move on to greater challenges,” reports The Tampa Bay Times.

bubba army radio“I’m not mad and I’m not upset with Bubba,” Hatley told the paper. “He’s a friend. I just want to do what’s right for me.”

Bubba made the on-air announcement last week. “Brent feels he needs to branch out … I kinda got blindsided by it,” Bubba said on the air. “But he’s got an open door to always come back. There’s not a low road to be taken here.”

Shannon Burke has been given a one-week “tryout” as Brent’s on-air replacement. “Burke, who developed an image as a tough-talking, motorcycle riding host in Orlando, was arrested there in 2009 for an incident in which he shot his wife’s dog and the bullet grazed his wife’s head. He served more than six months in jail and was fired by Clear Channel, working at a few AM stations in Orlando before joining RadioIO,” notes The TB Times.

Howard Stern Loses Appeal Against SiriusXM

Howard Stern lost a bid to revive his pay lawsuit against Sirius XM Radio Inc. after a New York state appeals court found the talk-show host wasn’t entitled to additional compensation.

Stern’s production company, One Twelve Inc., and his agent, Don Buchwald, sued Sirius XM Radio in 2011, claiming the company refused to pay $300 million in stock awards owed under an agreement that brought the radio personality to the company.

howard stern rolling stone interviewJustice Barbara Kapnick of state Supreme Court dismissed the suit last April, rejecting arguments that subscribers to XM Satellite Radio, which merged with Sirius in 2008, should be counted when calculating the compensation.

An appeals court in Manhattan today agreed with Kapnick, saying the plaintiffs aren’t entitled to additional performance- based compensation under the agreement with the company’s predecessor, Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.

“Looking solely to the plain language used by the parties within the four corners of the agreement, the disputed term ‘Sirius subscribers,’ by which plaintiffs’ performance-based compensation was measured, did not include subscribers to XM Radio, a wholly owned subsidiary which defendant acquired by merger, even though the merger had been anticipated within the agreement,” the appeals court said in the ruling.

Comedian Louis C.K on the Howard Stern Show

Louis CK is one of comedy’s leading talents, but it wasn’t always that way, not by a long shot, according to a new 90-minute interview with Howard Stern that ran on Stern’s satellite radio show last week.

In it, Louis is as candid as he’s ever been. He describes watching all of his friends get hired on Saturday Night Live. He talks about why there are no other writers for his FX show Louie.

Joe Rogan Questions Everything

UFC commentator Joe Rogan is a longtime stand-up comedian and actor, and if you’ve ever listened to his podcast, seen his stand up routines, or followed him on Twitter, you’re aware of his affinity towards conspiracies and mysteries of the world.

Well, he’s taking that passion to television this year, bringing a show to the SyFy network with a working title of “Joe Rogan Questions Everything.” Here’s the official description for the program:

“Life-long unexplained paranormal mystery-addict Joe Rogan ventures into unknown worlds and untapped territories to search for answers to life’s most startling theories. Having explored these questions for years on his podcast, Joe now takes his journey to the next level, traveling the country and knocking on any door necessary to find the truth. In his own unique and inquisitive style, Joe will stop at nothing to quench his curiosity for the unknown.”

The show is expected to premier on Tuesday, July 16 at 9PM ET.

Eric the Actor meets the San Jose Sharks

The San Jose Sharks, struggling mightily since a 7-0 start, might have found their lucky charm last week.

With Howard Stern Show regular Eric The Actor in attendance for his first-ever hockey game, the Sharks scored three goals in the first 10 minutes and routed the Pacific Division leading Anaheim Ducks 4-0.

“Anytime you want to come back, you just let me know,” Sharks captain Joe Thornton told Lynch in the team dressing room after the game. Thornton is a longtime Stern Show fan, dating to his years in Boston. In fact, Lynch’s visit Wednesday stemmed from a recent postgame interview in which Thornton, speaking before the HP Pavilion crowd, was briefly interrupted by somebody shouting “Baba Booey” — universal code among Stern fans.

Sharks publicist Tom Holy, another longtime Stern fan, contacted a friend at SiriusXM. That led to an on-air interview with Stern staffer Shuli Egar — an interview that Thornton, a six-time All Star and the 2006 league MVP, called one of the highlights of his career.

“Look who we got here!” Thornton exclaimed as he introduced his teammates to Eric, a 38-year-old Sacramento man confined to a wheelchair, and a 10-year regular caller to the Stern Show.

At one point, Thornton and his brother John, who also serves as the player’s agent, crouched at either side of Lynch for a photograph. “This is going to be our Christmas card,” Joe Thornton said.

“We’ve been talking about this visit for the last couple days — not just me but everyone in here who’s a Howard fan.”