Bubba the Love Sponge fails to sign with SiriusXM! moving to Radioio

VIA Twitter

New uncensored show will be on Radioio.com

BUBBA Jan 2: Heres a tent radioio.com bubba1 schedule4 this week 6-1030a fm show live 1030-1200 bestofbubba noon replay of fm show 7pm replay of fm show

BUBBA Jan 2: Going 2bed got alot on my mind. staying positive.we always took the bullshit deals Sirius gave us.not playing their bullshit games anymore

BUBBA Jan 1: 3mill a year to mad dog. And they offer me 200k u tell me how mad u would be. 39mil 4 Martha 55mil 4 oprah.


  1. Bubba and crew are very funny I looked forward every afternoon to hearing them.
    Just goes to show how sheepish this country has become with the popularity of fake people like Oprah and Martha AKA felon

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