Howard Stern Smallest Penis Contest Full Video

Honestly, I don’t know who wants to see this but here it is.


Worst Penis Injury Contest

George Takei Judges Prettiest Penis Contest

The First Annual Small Penis Invitational.

This contest was held to give away a trip to mexico with a bunch of porno stars. Howard invited about 20 guys down who claimed they had really small penis’. There were 3 guest judges plus the regulars like Howard and Robin. George is a fan from Chicago who just showed up this morning. He had a speech impediment so he fit right it. The impediment is caused by a cleft pallet. The second judge was the guy who does the Marv Albert impression so Howard called him Marv the whole time. The third guest judge was Gay Rich. Rich used to be an intern on Howard’s show. He moved on to better things but came in to judge the contest today. There was a hell of a lot going on with this contest.

There were a total of 16 contestants who actually came in the studio naked to show their small packages. The first guy almost won immediately. He had big man breasts and hardly any penis. After that there were tons of guys just showing off their tiny packages. Some of the guys who thought they were small changed their minds after seeing how small some of the others were. After all 16 introduced themselves the judges whittled down the list to 3 finalists. Those three were Philipe, Paul and Gary.

The three finalists then moved on to the talent portion of the game. Philipe was the first up. He was dressed like a construction worker. Howard asked him some personality questions then had him sing a song parody to an Elvis song. Paul was up next. He was dressed like a cowboy. Howard did the personality questions then had him sing ”I Just Can’t Find My Glands” to the tune of ”I Wanna Hold Your Hand”. The final contestant was Gary. Gary was dressed up like a police officer. He answered a couple of personality questions then sang his song ”Teenie Weenie” to the tune of ”Proud Mary”. They all performed quite well under pressure. After taking a break and tabulating the scores Baba Booey came back with the results. The winner was Paul. Second place when to Philipe and last went to Gary.

After the winner was announced the guy who set everything up, Scott Stein, called in with some good news. All three finalists get to go on the trip! Plus, Howard will be taking all of the guys who were in the contest to Scores for a special party.


  1. im about the size of mario at 6:57

    No wonder when my other girlfriends saw it they giggled and changed their mind

    Damn it finding out you’re small is sucks

    but as Stewie from family guy said “I don’t want a big penis! I think they’re messy.

  2. Dang. I wish MY penis was half the size of these guys’ penises. Why was I cursed with such a tiny, tiny, penis? 🙁

  3. Lmao I bet all these guys are virgins , I would be one too. I’d rather polish my flute all my life then show a girl my package. So sad lol

  4. why does Howard Stern feel the need to belittle and embarrass the poor blokes who clearly are already humiliated enough about their misfortune. His team of nobodies are lame and he is an asshole.

  5. why are you guys bothered if ‘lisa’ likes small dicks? it’s not your business and please get a life. Also am sure most guys posting here are between 4 inch to 6 inch. there might be 1, 2 or even 3 who is anything above 7.5.
    get a life morons

  6. You guys are fucktards assholes ass whipes tampons dildos bitches
    Vaginas blue waffles pussys cunts herpie infested homosexual
    Shit face dick jiggling niggers crackers beaners ABC cunt eyed

  7. Howard stern and all those shithead judges are hairy assholes for laughing and mocking these guys. Especially that black bitch. Like shut your dumb ass up.

  8. Howard Stern is a real piece of shit. He has no talent at all, and only has listeners because of this type of stupid shit that doesn’t NEED a talented guy behind the microphone. The fact that this worthless narcissistic assclown is like a fucking millionaire was a lot about our society today. Pretty sad.

  9. This contest is really completely worthless because it doesn’t compare their dicks while they’ve got an erection. Some guys have a SERIOUS difference between hard and soft that’s often hard to believe.

    Mine is barely there when it’s at it’s softest. You can only see the head, literally… it sticks out less than an inch, and no visible shaft… but when I have a boner, it’s a hair longer than 6.5 inches.

    So, yeah. This contest is useless.

  10. I think Howard should have a contest where all contestants have a proportional shape body because most guys overweight with a fat gut tend to have small penises due to their body drawing it into the body more so its not fair for the average built guys to be up against the fat guys.

  11. Yes Chris YES. That is exactly what I was thinking. All those guys have to do is get in shape and then there would be something there, however small it may be, regardless it would be much better than how it appeared in this video.

    If I had that option I would definitely take it but I am skinny and stuck with my small penis and extremely tiny overall package.

    These guys are an inspiration for guys like me and I am utterly dumbfounded how they can cope with this brutal curse and have such good attitudes about it when for me and many other men it crushes our spirit and destroys our lives…

  12. Seriously, who goes on a show naked like this to get belittled? I’m sure any one of their names in a Google search would provide fast link to this video. I sure hope the trip to Mexico was worth it, lol.

  13. My penis. is only half inch when flaccid land my.erection is 2 1/2 on a good day.i was told at a young age to get used to girl’s laughing and giggling at it.the name calling and laughing doesn’t bother me any more .

  14. I hope one day guys won’t be judged on the size of their penis, but on the size of their heart. The world is so superficial and I think it’s really silly. I thought it was cool the guy with a micropenis and breasts had a girlfriend for 8 years. Nobody is born perfect, so why do we have to judge people on how they were born?

  15. Nature’s restriction on reproduction. That generation has to pay for father’s and mother’s habit’s. Medically saing their parents underwent hormonal alterations by using beer,marijuana ,birth control pills ….. It hard to be born this way , but NATURE said NO! It means NO!

  16. Nature’s restriction on reproduction. That generation has to pay for father’s and mother’s habit’s. Medically saing their parents underwent hormonal alterations by using beer,marijuana ,birth control pills ….. It hard to be born this way , but NATURE said NO! It means NO!

  17. I love Howard Stern only he would think of holding a micropenis competition ok these guys are like one in five thousand men. Hahaha that guy was like “take me to the back, then you’ll see” Howard f-ing Stern you are absolutely funny.

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