Howard Stern live show schedule to three days a week every other week

Howard Stern says starting May 2nd, the Howard Stern Show is reducing its live show schedule to three days a week every other week.

When Stern announced his new five year contract with Sirius XM, he warned fans that it would come with a pared back schedule. While the terms of Stern’s new contract are unknown, analysts analysts estimate world’s highest paid radio personality is taking in about $20 million a year less than he earned in his original 2006 contract with Sirius XM.

Thursday, he tried to pre-empt criticisms from fans about his reduced hours:

“I don’t want to hear any nonsense about it because the option was either leave or work a few less days and I thought it would be better to stay on the air. Okay? Look, I know, listen, everyone would rather have the show every day five days a week. I figured it was better if we showed up three days a week, sometimes four days a week or whatever, be here for you, touch base and do a good show.”

The Howard Stern Show will run Monday through Wednesday the week of May 2nd and then back to Monday through Thursday on the week of May 9th.


  1. That’s fine, just re-run the current shows of the week on the days he’s not live, DO NOT ancient shows. In fact, you need to please go back to the show running concurrently on H-101 and H-100. Old shows on H-101 during the week are a super drag. I am paying for new Howard, not old Howard so keep rotating current shows and I am happy. Keep the ancient shows for midnight on Sunday or similar time slot.

  2. Totally disagree. I moved to Florida from Philly in 1989, and could no longer hear the Stern show until 2004, when a local station picked up his show. Made the jump to Sirius when he left terrestrial radio, and I think he did some of the best stuff of his career in those first five years. I still lament missing all those years of the show, and I have only heard bits and pieces of them in Best-Of scenarios. I love the new Stern Show Shuffle on H101, where I can hear one great bit after another from the old days, with fewer commercial breaks.

    And I have no problem with the reduced schedule. I get it. Dude’s pushing 60. This is a way for him to ease into retirement. He’ll be in his early 60s when the show comes to an end. He’s worked hard all these years, with no guarantee that he would ever get the big payoff he received. It was through sheer hard work -and doing the best radio show in history- that he got there. Dude deserves whatever time off he wants.

  3. Fuck Opie and Anthony, they suck ass, and Fuck Howard for going 3 days a week. That nailed the coffin for me, I only pay to listen to Howard, so Fuck Sirius too for fucking with Howards money, they’re gonna use all the money they got from you moron lifetime subscribers, to pull that useless sattelite out of the ocean. The internet is coming to your car ripoff assholes at Sirius…

  4. Anyone who took the $500 lifetime deal when Howard Stern started at Sirius has been paying $0 a month for the service since 2010, and will be doing so forever.

    OH NO, satellite radio might not last forever and ever and ever? OH NO, Howard Stern might leave someday? REFUND! I want my $0 back!

  5. So for 80 million dollars a year, he can’t possibly work 4 days a week? What fucking world does this asshole live in?

  6. howard , if you need the time off , fine . have the rest of your staff show up and put together a show . maybe have different guest stars as the host . perhaps artie lange , norm , gilbert , etc . live , new shows would be best , with or without you . when your done CONVALESCING , feel free to return & talk on the radio as much as you like ……….. as a hard working fan , its hard to understand how you can take our millions ( we actually pay your salary ) and work such a brief schedule . in he end , we are the fools , not you . you will have the last laugh as you take our $ in the form of monthly fees and subscriptions ……

  7. Combine the fact that you can’t actually ‘pause’ the show on-line using any app or interface with the reduced 3 day schedule I get only bits and pieces of the show nowadays. At least when I could pause the show with StarPlayr I could hear ALL of the 3 day week and essentially spread it out across the days. I don’t blame Howard per se – I get wanting a change in lifestyle after doing something for a long time – I just feel that the listeners had to bare the burden of the new contract as much as Sirius did. If the 3 day week worked for me I would continue to subscribe. Hell I WANT it to work for me. It just doesn’t man. And I am incredibly disappointed knowing that my Stern days are nearing an end. The value just isn’t there to renew.

  8. Screw the new schedule the base price just went up $2 so people are paying more for less! I dropped Sirius like a bad habit as soon as he announced he was cutting back from 4 days to 3. Howard has become one of the overpaid douches he used to rail about in the mornings. He keeps comparing himself to Oprah every time he talked about cutting back the show when most of his fans couldn’t give a fart about how Oprah treats her fans. I was a Sirius customer with three radios a month before he started and before that I was a terrestrial listener since his days in Wash D.C. I recorded every show I could so I don’t need their current service I already have tons of mp3’d reruns to listen to when ever I want.

    @Sour Scheiss the $500 lifetime deal only goes for the life of the radio I know two people who found that out the hard way after their radios died. One of the people’s radios was replaced under warranty and they still got screwed out of their subscription because it is tied to the radio ESN# not the account holder.

  9. I like to listen to Howards show live when I can..
    Scott Farell sucks so bad, yet they play his show for hours and hours.
    Unfortunately, the only time I get to listen a bit more is at night when he is on.
    That voice sucks, sports talk sucks and his show is a major let down. That’s just my opinion. I,m sure a lot of sports fans dig it.
    Scott thinks he is tons better than he is. Crap.
    Riley is much more entertaining. Even Straight Talk with John the Stutterer when it was on. But if you play them nightly for hours they will most likely suck. Howard is the only one that can pull of a few hour show and keep it somewhat interesting

  10. This is beyond frustrating on many levels. The app doesn’t work, and I completely agree that I if Howard has would like a lighter schedule, then require your staff to provide new programs for paying subscribers.

  11. Take your 3 days and be glad he didn’t quit. You all sound like a bunch of whining crybabies . dOpie and Anthony are the 2 biggest a-holes to ever disgrace the radio waves. Why don’t you go with those losers if you can’t stand the new deal?

  12. Stop complaining you self entitled pricks…the alternative was Howard quitting all together and not resigning so be thankful you get 5 more years…if that’s not good enough, simply cancel your subscription…nobody forces you to pay for sirius

  13. Hey Howard,don’t like it but I do understand it and if I could do it I would the younger listeners won’t get It till they start pushing 60 y/o I also still get a lot of laughs from most of the old shows that made starting work at 6am bearable for so many years your still the out there and I’ll be listening for as long as your on the air still think the value is there also ur on 7out of 10 work days

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