Rob and Sheri Zombie talk Halloween II with Howard Stern

Rob and Sheri Zombie stopped by The Howard Stern Showstudios this morning to talk about their new film Halloween 2.  The remake of the classic 80s horror sequel was written and directed by Rob Zombie and stars his wife Sheri (Moon) Zombie who plays Deborah Myers, psycho Michael Myers’ mother.

Of course, it didn’t take long before Howard Stern steered the interview away from the Halloween II discussion and towards Sheri Zombie’s sexual history.  Howard Stern was, of course, particularly interested in finding out about Sheri Zombie’s history of  lesbian experiences (which were few and far between).  Rob Zombie also took some time to offer The Howard Stern Show cast his personal imitation of Herman Muenster.

Rob Zombie directed the 2007 remake of the original Halloweenfilm which scored big bucks at the box office.

Rob Zombie is considered a friend of The Howard Stern Show, and recorded the Howard Stern Show theme song “The Great American Nightmare.”

Halloween II opens in theaters on Friday, August 28th.

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