Robin Quivers taking a beating on twitter

Q—-MontyDAztec….. which country are you in, pretending to run half a dozen miles for a marathon we all know you won’t partcipate in? go to afghanastan

Robin—- @MontyDAztec I’m in NYC about to go out and pretend.


Q–floydiannyc…. If fame was measured on a scale of 1-10 based on how engaging and interesting someone was, you’d be at around a 3.

Robin—-@floydiannyc…… but who asked u?

Q–byrnebv…… how much did this Clijsters sponsorship cost the 15 Foundation?

Robin—-@byrnebv……. don’t be ridiculous.


Q–MontyDAztec…… A crazy old lady once said the passengers on the planes were cowards – do you agree?

Robin—-@MontyDAztec……. I don’t know abt that old lady but I no longer feel that way. It was a time ofgreat emotion and anger.



Q— 4bardude—-how can u go on with life on being a dumb fucking cunt I hate u on howard stern go away

Q—HowardSternBot……how can u go on with life on being a dumb fucking cunt I hate u on howard stern go away

Robin—-@HowardSternBot….. have a beautiful day.
Robin—-@4bardude…… blessings on u. Horrible to walk around with such dark thoughts.


Q—slesh84….I would rather blow Richard after a long hard HIV ridden sweaty workout than hear your opinion on…anything. you really are putrid

Robin—-@slesh84….. pleasant thoughts lead to a pleasant life.


Q—-ctown31….you’re a cunt. of course you don’t want artie to come on the show. fucking bitch

Robin—-@ctown31…. sorry u are confused. Love artie. Want what’s best and would be most supportive. Just asked the question.

For more check out Robin Quivers twitter stream here


  1. Robin is one of those rare celebrities who actually puts up the money she promised. NO phony boned in her, just many REALLY FUNNY ONES .

  2. What are the chances that Robin will read the news one day and not make a mistake?

    Slim and none.

    Yet she is so quick to point out mistakes in others. No wonder she is the least popular staff member on the HSS.

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